8 Fashionable Ways to Wear Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are cool and trendy, and they are always in style. They look great with every outfit, and they can help you elevate your outfit and make it evening appropriate, or they can follow your classic style and be a great option for your lunch with your friends. If you have just started exploring these shoes, then you should know you’ve just entered a world with so many possibilities. However, since they are so versatile, they can sometimes be intimidating. We are here to help you and you should check out these fashionable ways to wear ankle boots.

1. Style them with denim


The first thing that you should try out when styling your ankle footwear is to pair them with some great jeans. Nowadays there are many different styles of jeans that are trendy, starting from the form-fitting skinny jeans, up to the flared ones, and even high cut pairs. They are all going to look great with your cute, new ankle boots and you can explore different styles and trends when you pair them like this. If you want to go for a casual look, you can opt for just any random pair of jeans that you already have in your closet, or you can go with some more elegant pieces that are going to pair greatly with a nice blazer and statement jewelry.

2. Combine them with summer dresses

If you want to go one step further and if you want to look fashionable this season, then you should put your favorite summer dress on and find some nice ankle footwear that is going to look chic with the dress. The beauty in this is that you don’t have to follow a color scheme and you can opt for dark boots and light dresses or vice versa. Know that now is the right time to test this combo out since all the rules that we had to live by are out of the window. This is a great combo for those days that can be a bit too chilly or nights when it is warm but rainy. You will feel comfortable and warm with your boots, while still feeling fresh and airy with your favorite summer dress.

3. Put the leather jacket on


If you want to look like you just came out of the cover of a fashion magazine then you need to go and get your favorite black leather jacket. You can go with a vintage style or designs that are more popular now, but in any way, your ankle footwear is going to look mesmerizing when you pair them with a leather jacket. This way you can be dressed for any occasion, and you can show off your style and class. The best thing is that this combo is great with both dresses and jeans, and you can sport it for a night out or you can keep casual daytime wear.

4. You can create a casual, laidback look

For those who don’t want to go over the top, and for people who prefer classical elegance instead of dressing up all the time, you don’t have to always opt for sneakers or other types of more laidback pieces. You can easily pair your ankle boots with jeans, a simple shirt, or anything else of your choosing. They are so versatile that you can dress them down with ease, and if you don’t want to be on heels all the time, you can go with flat footwear that is not only extremely good looking but they are also really practical, comfortable, and easy to sport.

5. A classic white shirt will look amazing with them


If you want to have one classic look that you can choose for lunch with your friends or even for work, then you should get a classic white shirt that is going to look great with your ankle boots. You can opt for something form-fitting and you can either choose jeans or nice black pants. You can create a whole look around this, and the best thing is that you can accessorize to make the outfit appropriate for nightwear or you can put on a casual blazer for any office happenings.

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6. Both maxi and mini dresses can be an option

Many people are wondering if these shoes are going to look better if they are paired with a mini dress or the maxi option, and we are here to tell you that the ankle footwear is going to look fabulous with anything. They can create a transition and a more casual look with a mini dress, or they can complement your style when you pair them with a maxi one. Keep in mind that you can choose them to be of the same color or you can go in completely different directions and try new things out.

7. Don’t be afraid of color


One thing that you should keep in mind is that ankle boots look amazing in color. You don’t have to stick to the standard black or gray ones, and even if you go for white, red, or beige, you are not going to make a mistake. Nowadays, bright and loud colors are trendy, so you can even opt for green or yellow, and you can pair these shoes with anything of your choosing. They can be your statement piece and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

8. You can even combine them with sportswear

Finally, you should know that these shoes also pair great with sportswear. When that thought first crosses your mind, chances are, you will feel that you could never pull that off, but once you try it you will see that they actually look great together. You can go with a dark track-suit and ankle footwear that are of the same color and you will see how the look suddenly looks more fashionable. This may not always work, and with some fabrics or designs it may be a flop, but, if possible, you should give this style a chance.

These are some of the many ways you can combine your ankle boots with different types of clothes, and you should explore them on different days, occasions, and styles. When purchasing these shoes, make sure you check out chic colors and interesting patterns and have at least one pair that is going to look classic and that can pair with pretty much anything.

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