Why Wedding Photo Booths Are The Number One Trend In Australia

The photo booth is a unique equipment that comprises a digital camera for capturing pictures. In general, it arrives alongside a printer, which allows you to get the photos in an instant. As of now, photo booths, primarily wedding photo booths, are trending in Australia. Whether it is a simple wedding, beach wedding, or grand wedding, photo booths are making their way into several Australian weddings.

Having a photo booth allows people to capture pictures, make GIFs, send photos immediately through email and messaging apps, and get those photo prints in high-quality right at the moment. If you want to pre-book a photo booth for any upcoming event from your side, make sure to reach out to lavishphotobooths.

Explaining Why Wedding Photo Booths Are Being The Number One Trend In Australia

There are several reasons that contribute to the popularity of wedding photo booths in Australia. However, we have listed only some of the best reasons:

1. Photo Booths Are A Form Of Entertainment For All Guests Regardless Of Their Age


The wedding photo booths serve as a form of safe entertainment for all guests of all generations. Nothing is more irritating than being a guest at a dull wedding. Extra entertainment is provided via a picture booth. Providing extra activities for your visitors encourages more laughter and interaction, which elevates the whole mood and enhances party-ready attitudes.

If there are some people who do not find fun at dinner or the dance at the wedding, they can spend their time at the photo booth. You will receive an album of guest images after the wedding, and you can use them as gifts or a friendly kind of tease at other gatherings, like birthday functions.

2. Photo Booths Gives Mementos

Your guests will have instant access to the printed photos that they can retain and refer to for years. In addition to that, the high-end photo booths allow people to send these printed pictures through text and email quickly and easily. The printed photos can be used as mementos. For instance, they are similar to souvenirs or gifts that we bring as a reminder from a specific place. Similar to that, the printouts can be keepsakes of that particular wedding.

3. Photo Booths Creates Memories

Pictures allow you to hold physical memories in your hands and help to keep those moments alive forever. The photos captured at the photo booths with different props and humorous moments will evoke memories of that wedding day. Many people like to add the photo booth content to their wedding as they want to have great memories of the marriage for themselves and also for the guests.

4. Photo Booths Can Be A Time Filler


Sometimes, lengthy wedding programs can get boring, which leads to the guests losing interest in the event. However, by having a photo booth, there will be almost no one who would feel bored. The wedding photo booth acts as a time filler. If the wedding couple is occupied with the photographer or other visitors, some people can kill time with prop-filled postures.

Top 7 Latest Photo Booth Trends In Australia

Like any other trends, the photo booth trends are also changing from time to time. If you are interested to know about the current trends, then make sure to check out the below-listed trends and tips for a modern yet elegant photo booth.

  • Color-coordinated photo booths

Photo booth rental companies have loaded up on new picture booths. Several of them are made to color-coordinate the occasion through LED lights that match the wedding or party colors. A themed photo booth offers a cohesive focus point in the ballroom and boosts the wow factor in your event venue.

  • Open-air photo booth

The open-air photo booth is a photo booth layout without any enclosed walls. In short, the guests can stand in front of the backdrop and take pictures. Besides that, this open-air photo booth design can have one or two pieces of decorated furniture that match the event theme.

  • Green screen backdrop photo booths

Currently, the green screen backdrops for photo booths are relatively popular. They enable the photo booth company to develop a personalized backdrop for the pictures, which adds a high-tech facet that excites visitors. In addition to that, it results in fantastic memento photos.

  • Huge photo booths

As of now, massive photo booths are in trend as they allow more than two individuals to gather for capturing group shots with the photo booth props and decorations. There are several picture booth rental companies that have plenty of 5’x7′ and 8’x8′ photo booths, as well as much larger enclosed photo booths for high-scale events.

  • Backdrop scenery photo booth

Another trending photo booth design is the matching scenery as a backdrop. At present, you can find wedding photo booths with different scenery backdrops, such as a flower field, a beach with tropical trees, stylish architecture from a foreign city, and many more.

  • Variety of props and decorations

Many photo booth firms come equipped with a variety of accessories, including giant sunglasses, masks, prop sticks, large mustaches, and other fashionable photo booth decorations. Depending on the theme of the wedding or other event, the props and decorations of the photo booth may vary.

  • Hand-held message board photo booth

Another popular and present trend in photo booths is the hand-held message board. It might be a white board or a chalkboard where the guests can compose their own chosen messages. They can write the wedding couple’s name or convey their wishes to the couple via the printouts from the photo booth.

Bottom Line


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why wedding photo booths are the number one trend in Australia. Photo booths are an incredible form of entertainment for all generations, and the printed pictures serve as a memory of that particular occasion. In addition to that, selfies became normal, and taking photos from photo booths became a trend.

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