What Can You Actually Buy With Cryptocurrency

Over the last few years, the cryptocurrency market has flourished greatly, with plenty of new users registering and investing in crypto coins every day. Many crypto coins have undergone upgrades to enhance their transaction processing systems.

With the growing popularity of crypto, especially Bitcoin, many dealers and even huge companies are accepting crypto payments. Are you an active crypto trader and want to know about what you can purchase with crypto coins? If that is the case, check out this post.

8 Best Things You Can Purchase With Cryptocurrency

Using a cryptocurrency debit card is the simplest and most practical way to buy things using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These cards are offered by well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and other sellers, and also permit the owner to make cash withdrawals from ATMs that accept them. Numerous people join well-known networks like Mastercard and Visa.

Similar to ordinary prepaid debit cards, crypto debit cards function similarly, with the exception that they are loaded with bitcoin or another crypto coin of your choice rather than cash. When you utilize them in a shop, crypto is taken out of your card and paid to the retailer in fiat currency. You can reload the card if your balance falls too low. You can check out thenationonlineng.net to understand the role of Bitcoin as a global medium exchange.

Car dealerships


Bitcoin is already accepted as payment at several vehicle dealerships, including those selling everything from more practical cars like Subarus to expensive models like Lamborghinis. Tesla has emerged as the biggest name to join the group of businesses that allow you to buy cars using cryptocurrencies.

According to Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, he favors bitcoin and is a crypto enthusiast. Musk announced Tesla would accept crypto as payment in a tweet from March 2024. However, only a few short months later, Musk announced through Twitter that Tesla was discontinuing bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns.


Beginning in 2014, Overstock is an e-commerce site with a broad selection of products, and was one of the first to approve bitcoin. The creator, Patrick Byrne, was a pioneer in the field as well. Using cryptocurrency, you can buy goods from many other websites, both large and small. Shopify and the well-known Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten are two examples.

Cryptocurrency is accepted by Overstock. Simply add items to your shopping cart and select “Pay with Bitcoin” at the checkout. Only Overstock.com gift cards, Club O incentives, in-store credit, or coupons can be used in conjunction with crypto coins.

You can check out Fancy.com if you are seeking upscale furniture. Fancy is a company based in New York City, which focuses on getting its products sold by having customers post pictures of them online. You can utilize Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to pay for your purchases on Fancy.

Technology products

A number of businesses that mainly sell tech products accept crypto coins. Newegg, Microsoft, and AT&T are a few of them. Only the Microsoft online store presently supports bitcoin, and the Xbox gaming platform is not one of them. Additionally, it forbids placing adverts on its website that promote cryptocurrencies or products related to them.

News media

Most crypto-media outlets approve bitcoin as payment for subscriptions or additional services. The Chicago Sun-Times was one of the first well-known publications to acknowledge bitcoin on its platform in 2014. Publisher of periodicals Time Inc. started taking cryptocurrency payments in the same year. The magazine publisher and Crypto.com established a new cryptocurrency cooperation in 2019.

Pizza And Fast Food


In the United States, purchasing pizza with bitcoins is still difficult, but it is possible. In order to begin, all you must have is access to a third-party app. You can utilize a service called Lightning Pizza to send small amounts of your cryptocurrency to Domino’s Pizza to make a pizza order.

There are certain fast-food outlets that will accept cryptocurrency payments while you are considering buying meals (one example is the subway). In addition, many fast food centers have begun taking crypto payments over the last ten years.

Buy Tickets

The strength of crypto technology is in digital transactions. Therefore, there are numerous possibilities for purchasing event tickets online. The Oakland A’s charge one bitcoin for a six-person suite. In addition to accepting bitcoin payments, the Dallas Mavericks also give you a discount on products when you do so.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are accepted by the Miami Dolphins. Residents of Manhattan can use a local business named Blockparty to purchase concert tickets with bitcoin. There are plugins that make it simple to take Bitcoin payments from guests if you are launching an event. Big Tickets is one example of a solution that makes transactions easier.

Jewelry and Costly watches

Many manufacturers and sellers of luxury products have started to accept bitcoin as payment. Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other premium timepieces are available from the online luxury merchant BitDials in exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A watch made by upscale watchmaker Franck Muller even featured a QR code taken from the bitcoin genesis block and was covered in gold and diamonds. To enable cryptocurrency-based transactions from their shops, a few jewelry retailers have joined with payment processors.



The insurance sector has adopted cryptocurrency slowly. However, things are starting to alter. Although life insurance remains off-limits, insurance companies have started taking crypto payments for premiums on other products in their portfolio.

For instance, Swiss insurer AXA stated in April 2024 that it has started taking bitcoin as a form of payment for all of its insurance lines except for life insurance. The “pay-per-mile” vehicle insurance broker Metromile also takes bitcoin for premium compensations.

Bottom Line

As consumers and businesses become increasingly accustomed to using virtual currency, the range of goods and services you can purchase with cryptocurrencies expands. Obtain a debit card first if you prefer to use cryptocurrency to make purchases. The cards can be obtained from significant crypto exchanges and other suppliers, allowing the holder to make cash withdrawals from ATMs that are on board.

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