Who is Stephanie Shepherd

You probably remember Stephanie Shepherd as the Kim Kardashian’s former executive assistant. But this is not the main reason for her glory. She is very successful business woman who has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

She shares the interest in wellness and beauty. She is extremely consistent on social media. Steph exudes with honesty, kindness and vast amount of humor she possesses.


Stephanie Shepherd had a difficult time in sense on choosing the makeup when she first moved to LA. She had issues finding the right foundation shade as she has the golden olive undertones. Then she found our the Japanese beauty line, to be more precise, Shiseido. As she once described it, it looks like only a foundation but it gives you the sense of being a part of the community. It is the same thing Rihanna did with the Fenty Beauty. The best thing Steph likes about the beauty is the fact that it has the power to make people look and in the same time feel great about themselves.

During her teenage years, her mother raised her to be involved and aware of the surroundings which became the focal point in her life. In this sense, she is very proud on the Instagram profile through which she can reach out to great number of people in order to give them advice and to spread awareness. She is also the strategic advisor for Khana Panties. This company manufacture organic, period-proof underwear for the girls in Uganda. The goal is very simple and nobble. They want to encourage young girls to stay in school.

What she does not like in this industry, which she is the part for a very long time, is the negativity itself. She is also struck with the negativity but she manages to cope with it as she is now more experienced. However, she cannot imagine what the negativity does to the young girls so she uses her Instagram feed mainly to help these girls feel that someone is there to give them best advice possible in the given moment. This is what makes her happy. She is trying to make the negativity in a huge positivity.

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