Why We Love To Watch The Masters

There are many hard questions to answer in this world. This is not one of those questions. Masters are the pinnacle of sports. You don’t have to be a fan of golf to admit it. There’s plenty to love about this tournament, and we practically don’t know where to start. Of course, we have to start somewhere, so why not with some of the traditions that this tournament holds. If you need additional reasons to watch golf, please keep on reading and find out why we love to watch the masters.

Masters Allow Amateurs to Participate

The Masters were founded by one man, a certain amateur golfer named Bobby Jones. This is the tradition we were talking about in the first paragraph. Considering that the founder of this tournament was an amateur, amateurs are allowed to compete. A set of invitations is sent across the globe to various amateur champions each year. This is just one of the things that makes this even so amazing. Even the biggest underdog has a shot at the title, and what more could anyone ask for. Maybe one of the boys from Brighton & Hove Albion will participate next year. You can see that they’re eager to do their best in the video below.

Everyone Has a Chance

This is something you could say about every sports event. But the atmosphere is different at Augusta National. It provides that extra touch to every participant, and sometimes the winners surprise us. You can’t say that for this year as it was evident that Scottie Scheffler will walk towards the title long before the last swing. But if you look at the past winners, you’ll notice that one man hasn’t won consecutive titles in this field since the notorious Tiger Woods in 2001 and 2002. And how about the Tiger’s unexpected win in 2019? Did you see that one coming? Probably not. That’s what makes golf betting on BetWay so interesting. You can hit big sums on playing on the underdog.

Magnolia Lane


You get the feeling that you’re going to see something amazing when you walk down Magnolia Lane. This is what the approach to the Augusta national is called. It is 330 yards long. The name comes from the line of magnolia trees planted on the sides of the roadway back in the 1800s. As we said, the tradition tied to this place is off the charts. No other venue comes anywhere near it. If you’re not one to count the number of trees it stands at sixty-one. They touch each other on the top of the road creating a tunnel that simply screams golf magic is near.

That Time of The Year

You know how they say, spring is when love is birthed. We can’t argue with this. There’s no better time of the year to fall in love with golf than during the spring. It’s not only that spring is coming to the US shores, it’s that the weather in Augusta National is amazing during April. Furthermore, we’re eight months separated from the previous major tournament which creates certain excitement and buzz regarding this event that can’t be felt anywhere else.

Champions Dinner

As we said already, this event is full of traditions, both minor and major. One of them is without a doubt the Champions Dinner. It’s been held every year since early 1952. How about that? This is some tradition. But, it’s not an ordinary dinner. No! Ben Hogan was the first host, which tells you one thing – the host is always the last year’s winner. It is he who picks the food on the menu, and of course, pays for everything. Quite a lovely tradition and without a doubt a reason to love the Masters.

No Commercials

This must be the best part of any sports event in the world. Yes, there are no commercials after 5 pm. The reason is simple. The organizers want to give the audience behind the little screen the feeling as if they were right there on the grass. The best part is that the club is behind video and audio for this event. What this means is that they do the job with the audience in mind. It is also the thing that separates them from all other tournaments across the world. The end product is simple, and what you asked for – the golf.

The Green Jacket


Golf is a sport with a lot of money involved. If you’re good at it, you’ll get rich. This equation is simple. You can win titles and trophies, and the money will flow your way. But, when it comes to the Masters, the story doesn’t stop there. Probably, the most important item you’ll receive when you win the whole thing is the Green Jacket. This is yet another amazing tradition that comes with this tournament. The first one was worn by Sam Snead when he received his in 1949.  If you’re a professional golfer, this is the jacket you want to have in your wardrobe. Upon winning the tournament the winner received his piece at the Butler Cabin.

The Past Winners


The history of this tournament can’t be denied. Just look at the names that have won this tournament in the past. The three biggest ones are without a doubt Palmer, Woods, and Nicklaus. Augusta National has been conquered by these three men the record fourteen times. Let’s take Tiger Woods as an example. He’s the youngest of the three and the best-known face to today’s audience. This is the name you’ll be looking to eclipse when playing in this tournament. Younger generations don’t need bigger motivation than that. The best part about the tournament is that the age doesn’t play a role whatsoever. Both Woods and Nicklaus have proven it. Players who only started to compete at the highest level still have a chance to go against one of the greats in Tiger Woods. At the same time, Woods will try to set the bar even higher for everyone playing and watching this sport. You don’t have to ask us anymore why we love to watch the Masters. It all should be clear after reading this article.

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