A Day In The Life Elle Macpherson

Entrepreneur Elle Macpherson has become a worldwide phenomenon that represents beauty and wellness. For decades she has been one the top models in the industry with the famous nickname “The Body”. Her line of supplements has become a best seller and they are incorporated in many different diets. The brand name is Wellco and we encourage you to learn about it.

In this short guide we will bring you her daily routine and how she can keep up with her amazing line in her 50’s. She has some general tips though, which include that one should take care of themselves throughout the whole year and not just before the summer. Sugar and carbs should be left out as much as you can and water is one of the most important things you can do for your body. What she has to say about social media and especially Instagram is that one should really avoid them throughout the day. You should pick and time and do social media at that point. People can be consumed by it and it can be very time exhaustive so one needs to be careful.



Waking up should be around 5 to 6 AM and it is important to have some time for yourself to really prepare for the day ahead. A session of meditation is encouraged and one should keep away from the phone. Also avoiding caffeine from the get go is a good thing as you want to wake up on your own and give your mind some space and time to wake up in a natural way. Water should be your drink of choice here and drink lots of it.

You should set the daily tasks for the day ahead and plan out what you need to do. Your goals should be clear and you should be sure on what you want to achieve.

Continuing in the morning you should do some exercise. A brisk walk with the dog is an ideal activity for this time of day. Swimming could also be a fantastic option. A light breakfast is a must. Oatmeal and some fruit should be enough. Eggs are THE breakfast food and always a good choice.



Lunch is at noon and should include a lot of vegetables. Some carbs are okay now, but for Elle, these usually are not a favorite. The snack after lunch should be a protein shake or a similar drink that will help you huner. Be sure to pick a good protein shake, not just one that will fill up your belly. The second snack could be a green shake, kale is a great pick.

Dinner should be served late afternoon around 6 or 7. Again she notes that it should be veggies mostly and that it should be in line according to the veggie season.


The evening could be time for social media and fun stuff on the web. But not too close to bedtime. The phone should not be the last and first thing that you do in the day. So try to avoid it and keep your schedule as clean as you can get. For evening activities she suggests a round of meditation, if you didn’t do it the morning and reading. Reading should be stable every day and reading before bed especially can have various benefits to your mind. Always get in bed at least 30 or 40 minutes before you need to sleep to give your time to read and unwind.

So with that your day should end with an eased mind and you will wake up rested and ready for any challenges you may face.

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