African Beauty Brands Are Getting Better And Better

African beauty brands are rocking it. Their all natural lines from raw ingredients and domestic plants are something out of this world. Exotic and refreshing, we think that the future of make up is in the motherland of humans. Collecting ancient knowledge passed down by generations that includes exotic plants and combinations, the market is worth more than ten billion USD.

We wanted to compile a small list and a guide on what makes these products so different, so let’s head right into it.

Africa had it rough. It is still one of most undeveloped continents in the world, but also one of the fastest growing ones. Their culture was pushed back through the 19th and 20th century. The lack of investors and money has held back many companies and individuals, but as the money flows in, as the world gets more connected, Africa is becoming a giant in it’s own category and the beauty field is no exception.

With the coming of scientific methods and more advanced facilities, African beauty brands have harnessed the immense power of the most luscious land on the planet. A certain uniqueness encompasses everything that has a connection the land  and there is so much to be discovered.

The following brands drive their power from nature, from the immense plant life that has many healing properties. All this was known for generations and these stories of the healing properties of plants were passed down from mouth to mouth by shamans and tribe leaders. These powerful plants can help off fighting bacteria and help healing processes. High in vitamins, minerals and all that good stuff, African beauty companies want to harness all this and present it on a global market.

The Best African Beauty Brands

Epara Skincare

Epara means to cocoon yourself! One of the leaders in the field, the brand comes from London, and creates handcrafted skin products. On the ingredient list your will find plant extracts, essential oils and different types of natural occurring butter. A luxuries brand foremost, all reviews are glowing for any of their products.

True Moringa

This luxurious line of skin and hair products also comes from the UK. The founders are especially interesting as they Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham. Emily is a economy Harvard major and Kwami is a MIT aerospace engineer.

They discovered the power of the moringa tree while working with an NGO in Ghana and saw the immense potential of the tree that gives so much. They decided to create a beauty brand that is sustainable and that gives back to the communities from where they get the oil and harvest the tree. Truly a great brand.


Africology is especially interesting as this company is not just a beauty brand but a whole resort brand. Africology is something that you really pamper yourself in as they really connected the spa like experience with their product lines. When you are using them you feel like you’re giving your skin a truly royal treatment. They also create some amazing perfumes and all their products all are natural. No harmful chemicals and additivities this product line wants to be in your night routine for good.


Another natural brand started by a young woman, inspired by her continent. This beauty brand also prides itself on the all 100 percent natural ingredients and they specialize in fragrances and body care products. The brand was named after the grandmother of the founder Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao.

House of Tara

This brand is one of the biggest makeup brands in the market currently. Created by the famous Nigerian make up artist, Tara Fela-Durotoye, the business prides itself on its sustainability and beauty. This company is a good example of how a company can connect people and educate others in the craft of beauty. It empowers women and gives them a chance to express themselves.

So with that, stay up top and watch how the beauty industry booms in Africa. Black power is something beautiful and we should encourage these companies who are giving back to their communities and who are promoting healthy and safe to use products that are in line with nature and most importantly ourselves.

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