Annette Haven Net Worth 2024

Annette Haven is an erotic dancer and an adult film actress of the 1970s and 1980s. She is admired by many and they think that she could dance and act too. In fact, many believe she could act better than many vamps today.

About Annette

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Janice was born to a Mormon family in Nevada, Las Vegas. She ran away at the age of seventeen to marry her boyfriend. However, she was divorced within two years of marriage. To Annette making love or having sex was all about pleasure. It has nothing to do with taboos or sins.

Early Life And Family

Annette Haven rose to fame as an adult film actress, but before that, she was a stripper. She worked at a bar as a bar dancer and there she met Bonnie Holiday, who was a pornstar. She later moved in with her and has completed nearly a hundred adult movies. She was born in December 1954 and is 66 years old currently.

Her career And Major Milestones

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Annette was a popular adult film star and has performed in A Coming of Angels, Desires Within Young Girls, The Grafenberg Spot, Obsessed, Barbara broadcast, Sex World, Dracula Sucks (aka Lust At First Bite), Maraschino cherry, and others.

She has worked in multiple films as a body double because many directors loved the way she looked on screen. Later on, she became a consultant for multiple directors.

A Few Things That You Did Not Know About Annette Haven

A. She is best known for her role in Cave women. She is considered a legend in the adult film industry and known for her acting too. She was a popular choice because of her good looks and her beautiful body. She acted as a body double in multiple films. She took her career sportingly and was never ashamed of her choices. She is said to be quite a rebel and a feminist too. Initially, she started with modeling before she entered Showbiz.

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B. Did you know that she is very popular even today? Many people of the current generation are her fans. Many directors miss working with her because of her naturally sculpted body and enigmatic screen presence. She was very popular and is still a common face among enthusiasts.

C. She was extremely professional and had her own set of terms and conditions during a scene. She had a dislike for bondage, facial, and did not encourage directors to hire her for such scenes. Her dialogue delivery was as powerful as consummation scenes. She was very comfortable with herself and made her co-stars equally comfortable. She has turned down multiple films where she had to enact violent sexual scenes. She belongs to the Golden Age of Adult Films.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is a whopping one to six million dollars. Though her current earning status is not known, yet most of her earnings are from her films. She had a successful career as a model, stripper, actress, and pornstar.

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