6 Celebs Who Have Invested In Cryptocurrency

The advent of technology has transformed the world incredibly. It has affected personal and professional lives greatly, and people are finding several new ways to do their tasks. Undoubtedly, soon there will be a time when technology will take over the way people live their life. Also, it will soon compete with the conventional way of living. That said, the ways of exchanging money and its value will change too.

Advancements in technology and the recent development in several sectors have resulted in a great boom in cryptocurrencies. The surge in Bitcoin’s popularity cannot be defined as it is one of the first cryptocurrencies being traded. Ever since it came into existence, the value of bitcoin was volatile, and it still is the same. That said, investing in such cryptocurrencies may lead to high gains or losses.

With the increase in its popularity and acceptance, several countries have started to regulate and legalize the frameworks of this currency. Seeing the incredible gains, many wealthy celebrities have also invested in cryptocurrencies to make the most of their wealth. If interested in knowing about celebrity investments in detail, visit www.luxurylifestylemag.co.uk.

Let us know a few top celebrities who have invested in cryptocurrencies and increase their wealth.

Richard Branson


A great investor and entrepreneur who has been investing in cryptocurrencies for several years now. This billionaire of the United Kingdom has invested in several businesses and profitable ventures during his entire lifetime. He sees investing as an opportunity to increase his wealth by several folds. Though, not all of his investments in businesses worked. Some worked well, and some didn’t.

Bitcoin investment has been a success for him and he got a chance to make a huge amount of money from it. In 2014, he took part in a financing round organized by BitPay which is the payment processing network of Bitcoin, and he invested 30 million dollars for greater returns. With the help of this, he obtained several advantages offered by the Bitcoin advances.

Elon Musk


When it comes to cryptocurrency investment, the voice of Elon Musk is one of the loudest being vouched for investment. Investors like Elon Musk never miss a highly profitable investment opportunity and so he also obtained the most of it. He is one of the celebrities who invests a good amount of money in bitcoins and is enjoying the profits. Elon has discussed almost all major cryptocurrencies available in the market, including dogecoin and it had to be absolved after some days.

Bill Gates


Another well-known figure has been making money with bitcoin investment. He had a few reservations about bitcoins recently, even after this he is one of the most popular celebrities who invest in bitcoins. This public figure inspires several others to invest in bitcoin across the globe so that they can increase their wealth in several ways. In 2014, he had an interview with a boomerang and during this session, he said that bitcoin investments are exciting since it shows that they can be very cheap.

He also added that bitcoin is better than currency since to transact it or to obtain its value one doesn’t have to be physically present. Furthermore, for some of the larger transactions, trading with currency becomes inconvenient at times.

The Winklevoss Brothers


Winklevoss brothers namely Tyler and Cameron are well-known figures as they both have sued Mark Zuckerberg in 2008. The reason behind it was that they claimed Mark stole the idea of developing a social network from them. The brothers also loved the concept of bitcoin and they invested $11 million in 2013. This made them a huge fan of crypto when they achieved great success.

Also, they were the first among celebrities to believe in the idea of cryptocurrencies and also invest in them. In 2017, when the price of bitcoin was at its peak they became bitcoin billionaires since they made a huge amount of money from it. These bitcoin fans have turned the focus of their business towards bitcoin today, and are unleashing incredible benefits.

Gene Simmons


Another well-known figure was convinced by the payback offered by bitcoin and as a result, he started investing in it. He is the frontman of the very famous band named KISS and is the biggest fan of the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA). Ever since he bought the crypto, its price has doubled and this has made him earn a good amount of money.

In one of the interviews, Simmons said that he has invested in almost all major cryptocurrencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, and some other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, he also urges his fans not to particularly invest in the cryptocurrencies that are backed by him or any other celebrity. He adds that he doesn’t sell out the currencies when they are at their peak prices, instead plans to hold some of them.

Mike Tyson


Last celebrity on our list but not the least when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. This celebrity was also impressed by the returns of cryptocurrencies and hence started investing in them. He has had some incredible returns through the investments made and therefore, encourages others to invest as well. He was one of the first celebrities who began investing in cryptos. That said, he has been investing in them from even before the crypto space became mainstream.

In 2015 he also introduced a bitcoin ATM that had a design of his face as a tattoo on it. He also participated in the launch event of the Bitcoin Direct mobile crypto wallet.

Final Thoughts

Initially, when bitcoin was being developed, it was not considered one of the cool investment trends and many were still processing. Few were not aware of its existence at all and it only had a public image for the geeks. Even since its advent in the market and also with its increased popularity, celebrities were the most visible buyers of bitcoin. Furthermore, the price of a few bitcoins is also dependent on the actions that some personalities take. We discussed just a few popular figures who are into bitcoin investment. In reality, there are a lot more who have a different take on the investment.

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