Diabolik Lovers Season 3: Release Date – Canceled or Confirmed!

Diaborikku Ravāzu or Diabolik Lovers is a series for which fans are desperately waiting since a long time. It was originally a video game and has six parts in the franchise. This is not the first adaptation of this video game. It was first adapted as Manga before the creators decided to turn it into a series.

There is always anticipation about the next season of one’s favorite series. After the second season of Diabolik Lovers aired in 2015, fans have been waiting for the next season. It has been over 5 years since the last season. It is natural to feel anxious about the cancellation of the series. In this article, we will try to decode all the news there has been so far about the next season. Is it canceled? Is it continuing? Let us see for ourselves.

What Do Fans Expect?

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It is a simple answer to give. Fans expect the next season, and they expect it to come fast. They are still disbelieving the fact that it has been so long since the last episode aired. Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, so, naturally, the general curiosity of the public is bubbling off the edge. There is still uncertainty about whether there will be a third season or not.

Fans are impatient and yet waiting eagerly for a proper confirmation from the creators. Twitter and other social media platforms are rife with fans asking the production house about the same. We can safely say that there is an entire group of people who are holding out to know what happens in the lives of their favorite characters. So to answer the question, fans simply want the story to continue.

Season 3 on the Cards?

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This anime series is based on a video game released in 2012. The series was first released in 2013 and became a hit among all the people who were already fans of the game. After the first season aired and did not receive a particularly warm response from either the audience or the critics, the talks were still there, and a second season came along. This was largely based on the multiple editions of the game franchise. This is the reason why fans are awaiting the next season.

There are 6 games in total which is why it is reasonable to expect another season because there is no shortage of storylines. So far, the only thing that is confirmed is that the game franchise is nowhere near its end. And since the game franchise is ongoing, there is always hope that the next season will come along soon.

There is a possibility, but we would not recommend holding your breath for it. One important thing to understand here is that the formation of a new season entirely depends on the makers. The success of the anime does not decide whether there will be a new season since the premise is based on a game.

One can easily hold on to the hope that there will be a season 3 in the coming time if it does not happen in 2024. Since all we are discussing is a possibility, there is no release date to confirm. Since there is no shortage of content, the fans can expect the next season to be thrilling and live up to the expectations left by the first two seasons.

What will be the Plot of the Coming Season?

All we have are speculations, but we can have a fair idea of what the next season can be about. Since there is no confirmation, there is no trailer that we can rely upon to form plot points. However, we still have the games. Yui Komori is a high school student forced to share a living space with 6 brothers who are unkind towards her.

The main character has a cheery personality. However, the plot changes when she starts noticing paranormal activity around her. Things escalate when she goes to night school, which has a notorious reputation for vampires attending it. She soon moves to a house (at her father’s behest) with the vampire brothers who use her for sexual pleasure. She tries to escape the situation to no avail.

This creates a chain of suffering and pain along with occasional moments of happiness. Dreams play an important role in the plot, and she finally discovers what they signify. Yui finds herself in even more trouble when a group of vampire brothers kidnaps her. Both sets of brothers are after the main character, who is being treated like a sacrifice, only an instrument to their evil plans.

The plot of season 3 will branch off from where season 2 ended. The action and plot progression would be worth watching, especially since there is so much Yui will have to face. Which set of brothers will eventually get Yui is something fans are excited about. The game is still popular, but the anime has its separate fanbase, all of which are waiting to see what will happen next.

The Cast for the Next Season

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You can expect the cast to include the usual characters to take the story forward. All the Mukami and Sakamaki brothers are going to be characters you see in action regularly in the next season. Our heroine, Yui Komori will also keep on growing as a character.

The Takeaway

So far, there hasn’t been either a cancellation or a confirmation of whether there will be a Season 3 of Diabolik Lovers. It depends on when the makers want to continue with the story.

The game franchise has 6 parts so far, which leaves many plot lines to be explored within the show. The plot of the coming season will start from the cliffhanger at which season 2 ended. Fans are eagerly waiting for a confirmation to see their favorite characters back in action again. It is likely to happen this year, even though we cannot say for sure.

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