Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Help With Anxiety? Things To Know

Treatment and healing have multiple definitions in both the spiritual and medical worlds. Sometimes it involves the proper recovery of muscles and tissue clots. In contrast, other times, it points to improved mental health. This entire process is monitored and controlled by the will of the person. Some people tend to walk when they have a headache, while others like to eat medicine to heal it.

So over time, multiple treatments have proved to be very effective for people; one such highly innovative method is using hyperbaric oxygen. This concept might seem utterly new and confusing because oxygen is present in nature, so how to use it for treatment? Let us understand this treatment in detail and its benefits in this article.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen?

The hyperbaric term can be understood by easily breaking down the word into two components which are hyper and basic. The nervous refers to the high amount of something, whereas the baric refers to the unit of pressure called the bar. So hyperbaric treatment means the amount of oxygen stored at extremely high pressure to ensure its purity and pull efficiency. Hyperbaric treatment is highly pure, which is suitable for your body to some extent.

Too much exposure to pure oxygen can be harmful to the person too. The hyperbaric oxygen is stored at 1.5-3 times more pressure than the average temperature, increasing its affinity with blood. The high-pressure oxygen travels faster in the body and competes with multiple metabolism requirements.

The early traces of its users can be found in the US when the navy used it to provide scuba divers with ample oxygen underwater. They are also used in multiple therapies and operations to ease the pain. The surplus of this type of oxygen is stored at mining sites to provide people with enough oxygen during an emergency.

There are various other diseases that you can treat efficiently with hyperbaric oxygen; some are listed below.

  • Radiation injury
  • Cyanide poisoning
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Gangrene
  • Bone infection
  • Chronic Infection
  • Anemia
  • Flesh Eating Disease
  • Tissue infections
  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Air Embolism
  • Sinus infections

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How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Help The Body?

When a pure amount of oxygen stored at extremely high pressure is introduced in the human body, a series of changes occur and how your body reacts to them.

A clot of blood takes place whenever you get a wound, and the blood vessels in the particular area start releasing a fluid called plasma. Over time this fluid keeps on collecting in that specific region which results in swelling, and with longer durations, this swelling has adverse effects on the body. This swelling occurs due to less oxygen in the particular body region; this pure oxygen completes the requirement and thus reduces the swelling allowing tissues to expand and heal quickly.

Each organ and tissue in your body functions due to oxygen; if the particular body part cannot receive the requisite amount of it then, it starts paining. So prevent such pain and swelling by avoiding clots or metabolism issues.

Hyperbaric oxygen is highly reactive; thus, it reacts with bacteria and toxins, preventing them from spreading in the body by strengthening your immune system.

When dead blood cells clot at a particular region, it darkens the skin, whereas an ample supply of fresh metabolism rejuvenates these dead cells and even stimulates the growth of new cells on the surface.

Benefits Of Hyperbaric Oxygen On Anxiety And Body

The flow of blood depends on blood flow; if there is ample oxygen in the blood, it moves faster and thus improves the body’s metabolism. After a specific round of movement, this would regulate the overall body flow with ease, resulting in enhanced blood flow to the brain. This prevents the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.


It is observed in various events and tests that oxygen has made it easier for tissues to heal, expanding them and even providing people with an enhanced tissue cycle. This process of healing involved multi-level engagement and works on multiple brain sectors.

Against Anxiety

In extreme cases of anxiety and depression, people tend to hallucinate because their body does not function efficiently. So in such instances, it’s most reliable to take a long walk in the park because it keeps your body in motion and even provides enough oxygen to your brain. By using hyperbaric treatment, you can ensure proper movement of blood flow to the brain, though doctors recommend it only in extreme cases due to its complexity.

Fast Recovery

Athletes have to go through a lot whenever they face an injury because if they play in a crucial league, such damage can cost them their careers. So they are provided with hyperbaric oxygen, which has high healing benefits and makes it easier for them to heal broken muscles and increase the ease of breathing. This treatment has shown significant effects in stem cell activation, reduction of muscle fatigue and a lot more.

Sometimes you might feel that your muscles are contracting or giving excruciating pain, so that this treatment can provide miraculous benefits with ease.


When you run, your body has two types of reactions: aerobic and anaerobic. The anaerobic responses occur in a low supply of oxygen, and thus, it produces lactic acid. Once this lactic acid is induced in the body, then it results in cramps and various other issues. Consumption of hyperbaric oxygen can reduce these instances because aerobic reactions that occur in the body would provide energy. This often results in stamina growth, making it much easier for runners and athletes to recover.


This treatment method is highly beneficial because it utilizes blood flow to fix various issues in the body. It has been found that a well-regulated flow of blood in the body makes it much easier for people to think better and relieve themselves of stress and anxiety. Various doctors recommend this treatment in extreme cases.

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