How To Draw Freckles The Easy Way

There is something just so cute about freckles. The natural beauty spots are something that some people are blessed with, but even if you don’t have them, why not draw them on. They are an super easy way to express your personality and make yourself a tad bit cuter.

The trend is actually a few years old. More and more models and influences are adding freckles to the looks, so we wanted to compile this small and easy guide on how to draw freckles the best. Even those who have freckles may want to accentuate them and fill their face with more cutesy details.

How To Draw Freckles On Your Face 101


1. Clean Face

First and foremost, your skin needs to be clean, because you can’t draw over existing make up. We do believe that this look is the best when you are going for a light make-up style where the freckles will come out nicely. We suggest having a lighter BB cream that will leave your face nice and soft.

2. DOT and DOT

We recommend a good eyebrow pencil. Well some older one that is a tad bit blunt. Than just dot and dot and position them on your face how you like. Make make a lot of tiny ones, or a few bigger ones, now that’s on you. Try to create them on natural occurring places, nose, cheekbones and the forehead. Oh, and it shouldn’t be too perfect, freckles are not perfect. The best method is just to tap and tap, drawing them won’t really get you there.

3. Blend

When you are satisfied with the result, take your finger and blend them in with your skin. Tap it in your skin and see how strong do you want them to show. You can even use a brush to really blend them in.


There you have it! Some cute freckles for your look! Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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