What Foods Can Cause Acne Outbreaks

Chronic acne is a serious issue that causes problems for many people around the globe. The inflammatory skin condition will cause rash-like spots and nasty pimples on the upper region of the body. It is caused by clogged follicles of the hair where you have buildups of oil and dead skin cells.

Acne can also be caused by bad genetics and you can do some things to make it worse or better. Your diet can be a big cause of that, so in this article we wanted to place some of the worst foods that can cause it.

What foods to eat when you’re having acne?


Let’s go first with that is the best food for this condition. Veggies! If you eat unprocessed, healthy organic food, your skin will be grateful for that. Water will flush out the bad stuff out of your body and different veggies will give you different benefits. Foods that are used for detoxification like broccoli or asparagus must be a staple in your diet and will provide a healthy hormonal balance.

So, what foods to avoid if you want to stop your acne outbreaks?

Dairy Products

The biggest issue with most dairy products is the hormone level of progesterone. Milk is a low-glycemic drink, but many studies have linked it with some acne breakouts. The hormonal issue is that many dairy cows are treated with different hormones that can influence their milk supply. So when you drink or eat dairy products, it can affect your hormonal balance which can lead to a breakout.


One of the main offenders. A diet with less sugar will help you greatly with the outbreaks. This works in a way where the insulin, which you get by ingesting sugar, can affect your other hormones. Just drop it from your diet as much as you can to reduce the inflammation and the chance for an outbreak.


One of the hardest things to throw out is definitely this. Caffeine will unbalance your hormone levels and it will make your body more tired and feeling more stressful. Yes, you get the first jolt of energy in the morning, but especially if you do a lot of coffee with sugar and cream, this is just not good for your face. Also drinking it late at night, it will mess up your sleeping patterns and you will lose that precious beauty and healing sleep.

Fast Food


YES, fast food is very bad for you. Anything from a fast food place is mostly bad for you and it will make your acne worst. A salad will work but WILL YOU really eat a salad every day. All from french fries to shakes and the whole bunch will give you a bigger risk for a nasty face. The oils, fats and all else won’t do your good. So just stop, or keep it to the bare minimum. Some research tells us that fast food affects genes in ways that we don’t really understand. Experts are not exactly sure, but all those additives…well we hope you understand.

Whey Protein

If you’re a gym buff and have some skin problems, know that the Whey Protein can cause some serious nasty face. The acids in the protein powder will make your cells expand faster and also break down faster so that can also cause some unbalance. Especially if you are a guy, whey can ruin your face according to some sources.

With that, let’s end this. Keep your veggies close and drink lots of water. That’s the main rule basically.

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