Gal Gadot, The Israeli Actress and Model

Gal Gadot, Israeli actress and model, may look like the regular girl, but in real life she is as tough as one can be.

She was crowned Miss Israel in 2004 at the age of 18. That same year, she was called to serve mandatory two years in Israeli Defense Forces. She is quite a pacifist, saying that she would love that the Israelis do not serve the army and that all can live in peace. However, not everything was so bad in the army. She learned the discipline and she learned about the discipline.

She grow up in the family of sportsman. Her mother was a gymnastic teacher, so the sports was not strange to her. However, she drove a Ducati until she herself became the mother to daughter Alma. Still, she goes to pilates regularly, she did it even when she was pregnant. She drink water daily in order to hydrate the body.

You may know her as well by the movie roles she played. She was playing in Fast & Furious, Amazonian superhero Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

She also had the collaboration with Kate Winslet in Triple 9. She was the new face of Gucci Bamboo (fragrance for women). She did not high the delight to be part of such big fashion empire as is Gucci. She was always a fan of the Gucci while her first memory to to is her mother’s Gucci handbag and the shoes.

New fragrance, the mixture of orange blossom, Casablanca lily and vlang vlang is envisaged for the modern day women. The fragrance is refreshing and floral but it also gives the touch of sweetness. As Gadot said, “it is young, sexy, and yet it is still sophisticated and elegant”.

She admitted in one interview that women nowadays are expected to be perfect in everything they do, whether it is being mother, daughter, wife which is extremely difficult to achieve. It bothers her that everyone expect the women to be actual superhero and it is really hard to juggle all the things. However, it is obvious that the archaic opinion still exists. For example, if one is good at being mother, you are not good at what you do and vice versa. If you just take a look at Gadot’s achievements, you will see that this statement is far away from the truth.

While shooting the Gucci Bamboo campaign, you could see her skills tested in a two days long shooting, and after that, four days while doing a commercial.

Concerning the acting career, she is open for everything, she is really open minded without any prejudices whatsoever. What she likes the most, is the role of the Wonder Woman as it depicts the strong and independent woman. When you usually go to movies, you will find the girl that is heartbroken, waiting to be saved which is not the case in the real life according to Gadot.

It is true statement if one say that Gadot is the actress without the flaws. She confirmed in one of the interviews that she is very grateful for what he achieved but that her husband and daughter are her biggest life achievements. When asked what would she advices her daughter, she said that she would tell her to follow herself and to do what she feel is the best for her and not what she is expected to do. True, independent and strong woman.

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