Go-To Skincare Cleansing Oil

You must have heard about Zoe Foster Blake. She is the author, and she use to be the Beauty Director of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She went from writing about the about the beauty products to making ones. In 2013, she launched the Go-To Skincare.

The Go-To Skincare is really go-to product. The Go-To Properly Clean cleanser will have your face cleaned softly and it will be clean and smooth as well. The Go-To Face Hero is another oil product. It is best to use if your skin is irritated or is going through the moody phase.

Read on and find out more about Fancy Face.

Fancy Face

This is the newest product from Go-To Skincare. It is cleanser. The product was created for taking off the makeup, oil, gross pollution-related grime or sunscreen. It really removes it smoothly.

The smell of the product is pleasant. The oil is clear and in a way thicker than the other brands product based on oil, Face Hero. The reason behind this is that the Face Hero is absorbed while the Fancy Face moves the dirt and then it is washed off.

Way To Use The Cleansing Oil

There is no doubt you will have the benefit from this Fancy Face. Since this is the cleansing oil, the process is someway different than it is the case with the gel or foam wash. You should take it to the dry skin. It is recommended (as written on the bottle) to use 2-3 pumps in order to be sure that the face will be covered enough. The procedure itself is to rub it for 30 seconds to remove the makeup and residual skincare. You will get the muslin cloth with the product as well, and you are recommended to run it with the warm water before you use it to clean up your face. Fancy Face will give your skin the feeling of soft, tight and dry skin.

However, as any oil cleanser do, there will be residue on the skin. So, you should use the cleansing oil with which will you will follow the Fancy Face. After that you will be done and you can take the towel and dry up your face.

So, as you have guessed, it is good to do the double cleansing. The main reason for this is the pollution in the air. Many factors are included. The smog is very tricky as it goes to your pores, which then causes various problems such as acnes and what not. Basically, the makeup can grab onto skin which means that you anyway need to cleanse it at least twice as obviously, cleansing it once is simple not enough. On the other hand, the double cleansing hydrates the skin, so you come to win-win situation.

Is Fancy Face Good?

You will have to check this up by yourself. The product is highly recommended. Women that did used it say that it showed the desirable results after using it most nights. However, the results will be visible after two weeks where undoubtedly your skin will glow. You do not need to double cleanse in the morning, you can just do it before bad time.

If you have used the product, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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