From Heart Disease to Cancer: The Health Risks of Eating Meat Exclusively

Paying attention to your diet is important for overall health and well-being. These days, you will find a lot of gurus and trainers who will offer advice on how to correct your diet. However, the potential damage behind this fact is that many people need to gain the necessary knowledge and experience on this topic. Numerous problems can arise because of not conducting the proper diet.

One of the trends we have seen arising in the last couple of years is that more of those who present themselves as experts advocate a diet that only consists of meat. So, this trend has become quite popular. However, it is important to point out that numerous problems can surface due to that. So, if you want to know all the things regarding why the carnivore diet is bad, check on this site.

Eating meat should come with a health warning regarding what are the potential problems that can arise. Of course, we are talking about red meat and all the other types you can find on the market. Today, we want to address some questions regarding the health risks you can expect if you consume meat exclusively, without any other ingredients. Let us look at them.

Increase in Heart Disease Risk

The best-known consequence of an exclusive meat diet is the increased chance of heart disease. A good example of that happening is developing a condition such as LDL. However, you will see that numerous reports state that LDL is not a casual heart disease. Instead, there are two main reasons why eating only meat can cause problems with heart disease. The first is cholesterol, and the other one is increased sugar consumption.

If you dig through the reports on this subject, you will find that the role of sugar in developing heart diseases was downplayed for a long time. However, that does not mean the consumption of any level of sugar will do so. So, instead, we are talking about the amount of sugar consumed. If you eat solely meat, you will see that sugar levels will skyrocket, especially if you do not consume anything else.

We’ve mentioned LDL, which is quite a common result of consuming solely meat. It is one of the reasons why many experts advocate consuming ingredients such as vegetables to lower the risks of developing heart risks. Unfortunately, LDL can rise to unhealthy levels, which is quite a big problem. The problem can become even bigger if it is not put under control. If you are currently on a meat-only diet, check your LDL levels.

Cancer and Mortality

Exclusive consumption of meat can lead to the potential development of cancer or even death. First, however, we want to point out that there are numerous studies on this subject, but their conclusions vary. For instance, you will see that is a major paper issued by the World Health Organization, which concludes that cancer development is possible when individuals choose to eat solely meat.

As you can presume, this paper consists of numerous large studies. Many of them noted that individuals who consume only meat have a higher chance of developing colorectal cancer. But, of course, we are talking about consuming processed and red meat. Still, it was noted that consuming processed one increases the chance of this happening. So, you will see that avoiding processed one is widely advocated.

The reason lies in the methods used in processing. The two commonest ones are smoking and curing. Unfortunately, both of them include chemicals that have a damaging impact on the food. When it comes to women, higher consumption can lead to breast cancer. However, one study has shown that consuming poultry can have a relaxing effect on this occurrence. That is why poultry is often recommended to women as a part of their diet.

Kidney and Liver Diseases

When humans eat protein, their bodies will break down the nitrogen molecules and turn them into ammonia. After that, the liver will process the ingredients and turn them into a nutrient known as urea. When the liver finishes with the process, the unnecessary elements will be discarded from the body. In the case of consuming meat, this will put your liver and kidneys under enormous pressure.

While this pressure will not guarantee you will get any problems with those organs, the chances of it happening are increased. In addition, an additional problem for some people can arise if they have genetic problems with those organs. So, the additional pressure can become much bigger. This can become a massive problem, requiring drastic resolution measures if not under control.

Another thing we want to point out is that there are cases with individuals who do not have any problems with the liver and kidneys can develop these problems with this diet. So, the carnivore diet is not recommendable, no matter how healthy you are.




Finally, we want to address the question of salmonella. We all know that salmonella is directly tied to consuming low-quality meat. We are discussing the condition caused by the pathogen in farmed animals’ intestinal tracts. Therefore, farmers who do not control the quality of the meat they produce can cause this problem for consumers, which is quite a big one. There are many cases of people being infected.

The most recent case infected more than ten people in Ireland. As a result of the poisoning, one individual died. A couple of things cause salmonella, but probably the commonest one is consuming the meat of animals that consumed antibiotics they shouldn’t. So naturally, we are talking about the misuse of antibiotics. Thankfully, government institutions conduct frequent control of the potential misuse.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, numerous potential issues can arise from the decision to consume solely meat. Here, you can find everything you should understand regarding these potential issues. By understanding how they can develop, you can prevent them. We are certain you will find these tips to be quite helpful in your future decisions regarding your diet.

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