The Hidden Symbolism of Wooden Rings

A ring is an accessory that connects a couple for a lifetime, as per ancient traditions. From affordable to the expensive range, different types of wedding rings are available to everyone. You can prefer precious metals like gold, platinum, titanium, silver, etc., with diamonds or other stones.

Wood is another common material used in manufacturing bands but has a hidden symbolism or meaning. In many cultures, wood gets the preference, and couples exchange their rings too. If you need to know what wood symbolizes, then this write-up can help you find so. A wedding is a memorable moment in a couple’s life, and you cannot buy any random pair of rings.

It is necessary to know traditions’ hidden meanings before adopting them. If wearing a wooden ring is in your culture, you must know why you should wear it. Everyone has different myths about wood bands, and it is a must to know the reality.

Symbolic Meaning of Wood Rings

Before using wood for manufacturing wedding bands, you must know its symbolic meaning. This organic material is known as growth and sturdy. If a couple considers this material for their ring, their relationship must stay strong and grow for a lifetime.

In many countries, a couple considers it for wearing on their fifth anniversary. Celebrating every anniversary year is also special, and this material works well. Compared to other metals, wood has a complete life cycle, and then it is shaped and formed in a ring.

It is like a tree that grows from a seed. In the same manner, a relationship also starts and indulges two people uniquely. Many people do not know the deep meaning of wood rings, but they wear them because they look fashionable and unique.

Wood Types Used for Manufacturing Rings

The commonly used wood for manufacturing bands is hardwood. It is not only because it is stable but also because its color and pattern look amazing. A huge variety of wood is used for making a couple of wedding rings. It includes rosewood, oak, maple, walnut, etc. To buy Koa wood rings, you must visit

The choice of color and pattern is also yours. But you need to understand that every wood has a different meaning. The meaning of maple wood is keeping promise, dedication, and generosity. Oakwood means courage and strength. Similarly, every wood type is different due to its appearance and meaning.

Before you consider any material, knowing its meaning and how you are building your relationship is necessary. Choosing the wood type is quite the same as picking the birthstone. You can prefer the one with the meaning you hold and expect to be in your relationship.

Available Wooden Ring Types


Some popular wooden rings that are available worldwide are:

1.   Bentwood

A strip of wood is wrapped into a cylinder-styled metal ring. The bending process is quite time-consuming, requiring special adhesives to keep it solid. After the process is done, it is well-sanded to obtain the perfect shape. After that, polishing is done.

2.   Solid

A wooden block is taken to manufacture it, and a beautiful ring is carved out of it. This one is the minimalist option, and it is easy to make. The manufacturing process is also economical, and hence, it is inexpensive. It will remain solid and stay the same for many years.

3.   Laminate

A cylindrical metal ring is used on which wood is wrapped. The wooden structure gives immense strength and keeps the shape the same. Generally, the shape of metallic bands changes if it is under pressure. After that, the wood inlaid within the cylindrical metal strip looks amazing. It adds contrast, durability, and immense beauty to the entire ring structure.

4.   Inset

It is a perfect option for both men and women for their weddings. The wood is inlaid in a metallic ring that gives an amazing appearance to it. The contrast looks beautiful and adorable. If anyone is looking for the perfect and affordable wooden wedding ring, then they must go for it. The couple will love it, and the bride and groom can match their accessories.

Do Wooden Rings Require Maintenance?

The wood material needs maintenance but quite less than metallic ones. If you desire a shiny and lustrous band on your finger, you must regularly clean it with a cloth. Generally, wood is not waterproof; hence, it will damage if you keep it for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to remove your ring if you are about to do household chores.

Many people prefer to coat their accessories with waterproof material. But it can make your accessory expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, it is your choice to consider waterproof coating or not. Keeping your wooden ring away from bleach, nail paint remover or other harsh chemicals is a must.

These chemicals can also harm your metal rings. But if you are considering an accessory with high durability, then nothing can beat wood. You can get a lifetime warranty on your ring as it will remain in the same condition for many years. Due to little or no maintenance, many couples prefer to exchange wooden rings on their special wedding day.

Final Thoughts

Before you follow any tradition, it is necessary to understand its deep meaning. A wedding is a special occasion, and you must pick a wooden ring for your spouse to add strength and growth to your relationship. The choice of the wood type depends on your preference. If you are considering durability, then you cannot expect it from metallic accessories. The manufacturing of wood bands is unique and time-consuming.

With little to no maintenance, you can wear this accessory for many years without any risk of damage. A manufacturer can give a lifetime warranty on it. Therefore, you must delay buying a wooden ring for your to-be spouse. As per your color and pattern preference, you can pick any wood for manufacturing your wooden accessory.

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