How do you know when to Hit or Stand in Blackjack?

Being interested in something and doing it for fun usually means wanting to eventually get better at it and enjoy it even more. When someone has an activity they consider their passionate hobby, it is natural for them to want to practice it, find out new strategies to do it on a higher level, and win more than before. It hardly even matters what it is and how competitive things can get. Be it a sport, an online video game, a form of art, or an individual thing that you can do all by your lonesome, being better at something than you once were is the ultimate goal.

Of course, for some activities it is all about winning because without it there cannot be any fun. When it is either winning and having fun or losing and not really enjoying it, one has to get as good as they can at the activity in order to continue enjoying it. One example of this is gambling where anything other than a win is considered a failure. The reason for this extreme is the very nature of gambling and the fact that winning equals earning money while losing equals losing money. No matter the game you pick, the final result is usually the same. If you were good enough and made the right moves as well as lucky enough, you win money. If not, you do not win anything and actually lose what you deposited.

For certain games it is all about the luck because they do not rely on anything related to skill and experience. Slot machines are the best example of this where you cannot actually get better over time. But with other games, a small number of them but still, you can learn and improve your methods at winning and you eventually get better. One such game is blackjack, the famous card game that has been popular for decades, centuries even. The game has a fine balance of skill and luck involved, enough to allow those who study it and improve to get better eventually. In this article we help you do this as we talk about one of the most important things in blackjack, which is how to know when is the right time to hit or stand. Read on to learn more and be sure to visit here to try out what you have learned.

What Does It Mean?

Before talking about what to do in a game of blackjack and when, we first have to lay out the basics and talk about what it all means. When playing a round of blackjack, there are two possible options for the player. They can either hit or stand. To hit means to signal the dealer and request an extra card. Doing this can be either done by tapping the table or by telling them so. On the other hand, to stand means to hold your total, not request a card, and end the turn. This is typically done by waving with your hand, usually in a horizontal manner. So when do you do either of the two and what are the rules behind it? Is there more than just rules and how can you win more? Hitting or standing depends on the blackjack hand the dealer has, so read on to learn how to read the situation.

When to Hit and When to Stand

The worst case scenario for the player, or rather one of the worst, is when the blackjack dealer has an ace in their hand. In order to win, your hand needs to be 17 or more since the dealer has a high chance of hitting a 10 value card, like a 10, a Jack, a Queen, or a King. If they end up with such a card, the player needs a strong hand to beat them. If you are currently holding a hand of 10, or a hand of anywhere between 12 and 16, you should hit. Alternatively, when you have a hand of 17 and over, it is better to stand. Having an ace gives the player a chance to have a hand of 21 if they hit.

There are many situations that dictate what the player should do with their move. For example, if the dealer has cards like a 7, an 8, or a 9, they cannot make a blackjack and win. Therefore, the chances of the player automatically increase. Still, the dealer can still make a hand of 17 or more so the player again needs a strong hand to remain in competition. When you are holding 9 or less, or between 12 and 16, it is better to hit. If you have a total of 17 or more, you should stand.

Furthermore, there are situation where it is common practice to hit. For example, it is usually normal to hit on 8 or less, but to stand on 12 or higher. This is especially true is the dealer has a card that is a 4, a 5, or a 6. If the dealer has a 3, feel free to hit on everything below 9 and on 12, but stand on everything 13 and more. Finally, if the dealer has a 2, it is better to hit on 9 or less and to, again, stand on 13 or more.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Blackjack is considered a moderate gambling game in terms of difficulty, especially when compared to poker. It belongs to a trio of classic casino games that are present everywhere, together with poker and roulette. It is also a game where you do not play against other players but against the dealer, meaning it is overall easier and more straightforward. The above-mentioned rules and tactics may seem difficult at first but that is normal. Everything is difficult in theory and while you are reading the instructions. Once you start doing it or even just think about it in a real situation, you will realize how easy it actually is. Try implementing these moves when the situation calls for it and you will no longer struggle to choose between hitting and standing no matter the moment.

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