How Many Spins Should You Play on a Slot Machine

Gambling has for quite some time been one of our favorite activities, something we do in our spare time, but, of course, some even made a career out of it. Now, the most common question here is about the best winning strategy, and in the case of slots, whether there’s a precise number of spins.

Factors that determine the payout

Let’s start with the basics and most obvious thing as it is impossible to calculate the exact number of spins necessary to win some prize because slots are complex machines. Even if miraculously we did find that magic formula for the number of spins necessary, there are so many types of slots out there, and doing so will not be efficient because even though it might work for one type of slot, it doesn’t mean that it would work for every single other one.

If we could calculate the exact number, everyone would win, and the whole point of the game and tempting sensation with every next spin would simply perish for most players. That’s because the whole point of gambling, besides some money winning, is precisely about having fun and that expectancy and unawareness of what will happen next. Also, if we take any gambling game and take that uncertainty, the whole concept of casinos and the gambling industry will disappear as there will be no such thing as gambling or playing games of chance due to every bet being a winning one. Instead of that, we will try to explain the factors that determine the payout and help you gain some profit in a much more entertaining way.

  • Denominations

We can distinguish three different types of slot machines, and each of them has its benefits and flaws. They are divided by the number of denominations we use to play them, so we have nickel, quarter, and dollar ones. Proportional to the denominations, nickel machines give the lowest payouts, but they do it the most often among these three groups, while dollar ones give the highest payouts, but the rarest. Quarter ones are somewhere in the middle by both payouts and their frequency, and that makes them one of the favorite choices among players. Yes, not it might seem like making any decision regarding which type to go with leads to nowhere, but it’s also about the house edge.

  • House edge

House edge literally represents the possibility that the money will return to the player, which is the reason for its second name – RTP (Return To Player Percentage). Each machine is programmed in advance, and the house edge is already set, so there is no room for the popular myth that casino workers can modify or change it every time the new player starts playing. Slot machines have one of the highest house edges, which means that the chances that you will win are pretty high compared to other casino games. However, it stands only for some lower winnings, and chances to win a jackpot are extremely small. But, there is a catch, as if you only focus on the main prize, well, let’s say that you can spend your whole life playing slots and not win it, but if you focus more on other prizes, even though they are smaller, it can do wonders for your overall profits.

  • Algorithm

Every spin is determined by a random number generator (RNG), which is a tiny computer in the machine that works all the time and spits out numbers. These numbers are entirely random and correspond to the positions of reels inside the machine. Once we pull the handle and the reels stop, the RNG will show numbers on display. The most important thing to know is that each spin is absolutely random and does not depend on the previous one. It is all about that precise moment when you pulled the handle, and if you did it a few seconds later, the result would not be the same. Once again, it’s crucial to keep in mind that slots are not and can not be modified by workers and casino employees, not even casino owners for that matter, as they are constructed under certain rules and designed in such a way that any alteration is simply not possible.

Tips for winning

As we have already seen, it is impossible to predict the exact number of spins to win the prize because everything is random when it comes to slot machines, but there are some things we can do to increase our chances of winning. Namely, by carefully choosing the right type, the one that suits our gambling preferences, and the one that we enjoy playing, as having a great time can only benefit you, you can turn the odds and make the most out of slot gambling. Furthermore, it’s also about strategy, but let’s get into details.

  • Choosing the right machine

Not all slot machines are the same, and some of them give us higher chances of winning. Because of that, it is necessary to do the research and choose the best possible one. One of the most important factors to check is the house edge since it determines our chances to gain some profit. Now, this is where all the things mentioned above should be of great assistance with choosing the right machine, as it all starts from there.

  • Choosing the right strategy

First of all, let’s debunk the most common myth where no strategy is needed or can be beneficial when playing games of chance, and this applies to all the games and not just slots. Of course, this game, in particular, is mostly about chances, but that doesn’t mean having a certain betting system can be helpful. So, regarding strategy, choosing the best one depends on the slot you intend to play, as, let’s say that’s Jumanji, fishing for the bonus level can be the best plan. What this means is that it is more about doing homework before you start playing slots, and even more, doing research about online casinos, as it is the only way to find out the RTP percentage, which is where Hottopcasino can be of great help, as here, you can find all about best online casinos.

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