How to Find Your Foundation For Asian Skin

It is not easy to choose the right foundation. It’s obvious that everyone wants a foundation that blends seamlessly and looks natural. This can be difficult, as everyone has different skin types and undertones. Foundations are not meant to be one-size fits all. Every person reacts differently to different brands and formulations.

Choose The Right Undertone

All foundations have 4 main pigments: Red, Yellow, Black and White. The concentration of each pigment determines the base of the foundation – Pink, Yellow or Neutral. Because of my yellow and warm tones, I have struggled to find a shade that suits me. Although we have found products that are effective, some still feel “off”. We are disappointed by the fact that many of the shades we tried weren’t quite right or just right. It wasn’t something that was obvious to others or looked awfully similar to other shades, but it was noticeable for me.

Today, however, there are many brands that offer more comprehensive and diverse shade ranges. This makes shade-matching much easier. We believe that guidance is still necessary when choosing the right foundation.

First of all you need to be sure that the foundation is in line with the face and the neck. This is especially important if you get a tan but you don’t tan your face. A tip here on how to match those is to apply some foundation to the neck and shoulders are first.

Another tip is to understand that Asians have a more warmer skin tone on the first look, but you need to understand that it is actually more neutral with a green tone. You could have warm or cool skin undertones, no matter your complexion. People with cool undertones tend to have a pinkish or blue skin tone, while people with warmer undertones tend to have yellowish or olive-colored skin. It is important that you choose a formula that doesn’t look too pink, red, orange, or ashen.

What Type Of Coverage Do You Need?

Are you looking for high, medium, or low coverage options?
Different foundations offer different levels of coverage. A foundation with high coverage might be best for formal events. A foundation that is meant to be used daily would have low to moderate coverage. Foundations with long lasting power and full coverage are best for people who have many activities in the day.

Common Mistakes

Many Asian women prefer to have their skin appear lighter because of cultural beliefs. This is why they often choose very pale or pink foundations, which can result in very grey-looking skin. Today’s Asian women are more confident with their skin because they have access to more neutral shades from cosmetic brands. This has helped make the foundation bottles look real and not as dull.

When choosing foundation for all skin types, the most common error is to look only at your skin and think that the foundation tone can be altered. This will make your photos look unnatural. Your foundation should be the same color as your skin.

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