Top Things to Consider Before Installing a Steam Shower

Installing a steam shower system can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make for your home’s aesthetic and health. Steam showers provide numerous physical and mental health benefits, delivering a luxurious spa-like experience right into your own bathroom. But before you take a plunge, it is important to do your due diligence to ensure that it will be safe and easy to install. These ten considerations are essential for ensuring your steam shower is installed correctly and will last for years.

Easy access to necessary utilities for the steam generator

Installing a steam shower is not an easy task. Before you begin the installation, you must ensure that the necessary utilities for a steam generator are easily accessible near your bathroom. Power and plumbing connections must be strategically situated so that setup is as straightforward as possible. If you plan and precisely figure out the locations of these utilities, installation should go smoothly, so you can start enjoying your steam shower in no time.

Shower ceiling height

Having an adequate ceiling height is essential when deciding on the design of your steam shower. The experts from trusted suppliers like recommend that the ideal height should be between six and seven feet tall, so you can enjoy your shower without worrying about feeling cramped or restricted. Before choosing a steam shower, take a few moments to measure the dimensions of your space before making any purchases or starting the installation process. In this way, you can ensure you have a relaxing area where you can make the most of your steam session.

Proper seals on the shower door and any openings

Securing a tight seal around the opening of your steam shower is essential for optimal use. A good seal will help ensure that no steam escapes from the unit as it runs, potentially reducing energy waste and maintaining a pleasant temperature inside the shower area. Check that shower doors and other openings, such as windows or vents, have proper and secure seals before starting the steam generator. With these elements secured and in place, you can enjoy peace of mind that your steam shower experience will be enjoyable from beginning to end.

Shower ceiling slope

Installing a steam shower in your home is no easy feat, and the slope of your shower ceiling plays an important part. With too high a slope angle, water droplets are likely to form on the walls and floors after each use leading to the potential for mold growth if not cleaned properly. Getting it right can offer superior ventilation. The ideal angle should be between two to three degrees to ensure any condensation drains away even after significant use. This helps keep your bathroom clean, fresh, and hygienic while reducing energy consumption within a household setting.

Ceiling and wall material

Make sure that you choose durable materials for the ceiling and walls that can withstand high humidity levels without warping or deteriorating over time. Glass is a popular option because it provides a pleasing look while being relatively low maintenance and easy to clean when needed. Other materials, such as tile or stone, may also work just as well if chosen carefully with quality in mind over quantity or price point alone.

Location of steam generator and other components

Knowing the ideal location for your steam generator is essential to keep the steam experience safe and enjoyable. While it should be as close to the shower area as possible, care must be taken not to expose any environment-sensitive materials, such as floorboards or kitchen counters, to too much moisture from the steam. The other components, including steam head, temperature control, and drain, require placement that allows for maximum comfort and accessibility, ensuring a consistent and quality experience throughout each use.

Steam head location

Where you place your steam head is just as important as the unit itself. Placing your steam head 8 inches away from any walls and at least four feet above the floor is essential for dispersing the steam to fill your shower space. This allows more even dispersal of steam, ensuring a nice shower experience with no hot or cool spots.

Steam control position

Finding a comfortable steam control position isn’t always straightforward. When positioning it, ensure the knob is within easy reach but avoid placing it in areas of the shower where water is likely to splash. It can be tricky to place it at a spot that allows you to control the temperature without stepping into the shower stall. When installed properly, it ensures everyone’s safety and avoids potential slips and falls. There are ways to place your steam control without compromising accessibility, convenience, and safety.

Shower floor material

When it comes to choosing the right material for your steam shower floor, you have several options. Ceramic tile is an excellent go-to because of its durable nature and fuss-free installation process. However, if you’re looking for something more flashy, stone tiles work well if they are sealed properly against moisture damage prior to use. Regardless of what material you choose, ensuring your floor can stand up to the high temperatures and humidity levels of the steam shower will help ensure optimal performance.

Seating location

The proper location of seating in your steam shower is a crucial factor to consider when undergoing a renovation. If possible, try to place the seating away from water jets so the desired spray pattern or pressure gives you maximum enjoyment without becoming uncomfortable. It is important that the seat does not inhibit water flow from one side of the room to another and avoid positioning it in an area susceptible to moisture damage due to extended exposure. A well-planned seating position will ensure an optimal and enjoyable experience every time.

Final thoughts

Installing a new steam shower can transform any bathroom into a luxurious personal spa experience. But before beginning any project like this one, it’s important to consider the key elements mentioned above. By thinking ahead and being prepared with these ten considerations before beginning installation, you can ensure success with your new investment.

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