Kirsty Godso on Beauty

In case you are not in the fitness world, it is totally understandable if you do not know who Kirsty Godso. She is the NIKE Master Trainer. She can do stuff with the hands many of us cannot imagine. If you would visit her Instagram feed, you would be amazed as well.

Kirsty Godso recently launched CliniqueFIT as Global Ambassador. It is the collection of products for pre and post workout.

How one become a NIKE Trainer

She studied finance and marketing but she was always so into sports. It is something she loves from the young days while growing up on a farm in New Zealand. While she was at the university she never missed the opportunity to do fitness. She was all about training, training, and after she acquired the degree from the university she worked in the media. However, the love towards the fitness was high so after the first trip to USA where she tried the intensity workout. That is where she got hooked up.

After coming back home, she was accredited with the certificate after which she became a personal trainer. She was the one who created the intensity workout for a certain company in New Zealand.

While creating this intensity workout, NIKE noticed her. She was taking care of Australia and New Zealand before the workout went global and she moved to New York. She is so proud with the time spent with NIKE. The collaboration lasts for 6 years now and it is still ongoing. She does other projects as well, she uses her knowledge from the university by consulting other brands and creative studios.

Kirsty made her own protein powder that is due to come up. For her, it is fun to have other projects that are tightly connected to the wellness, while also having the involvement with the projects that are not into traditional fitness.

Is there a difference on the skin after the exercise


She has great skin. It looks more younger that she really is, especially when doing the exercise, when it is hydrated and when the proper food is taken. She strongly believes in this. She takes approximately 4 liters of water per day. She usually add a lemon into the water, not to loose weight but to water to taste better.  If you cannot force yourself to intake such amount of water per day, this is the tip that can help you achieve it.

Wearing Makeup While Doing Exercise

As she is training people for hours, she does wear tinted moisturizer, she wears a mascara and she brushes her brows. At occasions, she put some highlighter which takes her look presentable at the work. However, while she is all by herself, say for weekends, she would only brush her eyebrows.

She uses Sania’s Brow Bar brow brush which is her go to brow brush. As abase under the makeup, she uses Sunday Riley UFO oil which gives the special glow. Of course, this product is for acne-prone skin, but as she claims, she neve had issues with the acne. Following products are her favourite: BECCA Highlighter in Champagne Pop, CliniqueFIT 24 hour Mascara.

When she is going for a trip, she would use CliniqueFIT Post-Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray. Kirsty is also fond of TATCHA who produce the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist she uses as a finisher to spray on.


When it comes to fragrances, Commes des Garconne Blackpepper is the number one to go to. Next in line are White EDT fragrance and perfume oil by Maison Louis Marie No. Sunscreen she uses is the Korean product The Panacea. She is working hard on getting them come to New Zealand and Australia market as she believes they have a lot to offer.

When it comes to the things, persons and what not what she missed from New Zealand, it is her cat Niko. She is so into cats. She missed her family as well, especially her mother and her brother. Not to mention the friends she has in Australia and New Zealand. So, she is giving her best to place herself in the position where she would be able to come home as much as possible.

Kirsty is giving her best to persuade Clinique to make CliniqueFIT “phase two” as she feels they are well respected brand who are prone to listening what consumers have to say.

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