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Very few diplomats are as diligent as Marie Yovanovitch. She is an inspiration to many and has worked as an Ambassador of the United States. During her 34 years long career, she has always stood for what’s right. The 2019 conspiracy forged presumably by Donald Trump, gave a big setback to her career while gaining her worldwide support. Read to know the wonderful story of this diplomat.

About Marie Yovanovitch

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A Russian, Canada-born, and raised in America, she is a synonym of grace. Having witnessed a skyrocketing career as an American diplomat she retired in 2024 after serving as Senior Fellow at Georgetown University’s State Department. She has also written a book. It is her memoir by the name “Lessons from the Edge.”

Marie has many honors to her name for her excellent conduct in the diplomatic circle. She was a terrific spokesperson for Democratic and for Republican administrations. She firmly believes in having a fair democracy while holding the government responsible for the bad it does. Though retired, she still has the same passion for the job of careful speaking and representation she once used to do.

Early Life and Family

Marie Louise Yovanovitch was born to Russian parents, Mikhail and Nadia Yovanovitch, on 11th November 1958. Her parents had to leave the Soviet Union and settle in Canada. Later the family shifted to Connecticut where Marie completed her schooling.

Growing up speaking Russian, Marie finished her schooling in 1976 at Kent School, Connecticut where her parents used to teach Foreign Languages. Later, she received her BA degree from Princeton University in 1980. She further earned a MS degree from National Defense University twenty years later.

Career Highlights

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After being a part of the Foreign Services in 1986, Marie was deployed overseas. Soon after, Yovanovitch became the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy. During the span of years, 2005-2016 she has served as Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Ukraine.

She worked in the position of Dean at Foreign Service Institute. She taught national security courses at the same university, from where she received her MS. Yovanovitch became a Senior State Department Fellow at Georgetown University from where she retired in January, 2024, marking the end of her professional career.

This former ambassador has been adorned with multiple awards, including the Secretary’s Diplomacy in Human Rights Award, Trainor Award for Excellence granted by Georgetown University, and Richard L. Lugar Award which was given by Indiana University.

Facts You Didn’t Know About

  • Marie faced a conspiracy wherein Donald Trump alleged her disloyalty to his administration. This led to her dismissal from the position of Ambassador to Ukraine.
  • During her days at Princeton, she produced “The Excommunication of Tolstoy, A Personal And Political Event.” This thesis had 94 pages in total.
  • Her friends lovingly call her by the name “Masha.”

Net worth

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During her career, Marie has amassed a huge net worth of $6 million as per the 2024 estimate. But the career of this wonderful lady is worth more than the money! Being the child of parents who have been through dictatorship horrors, she knows the true value of democracy.

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