Examining the Impact of Midseason Trades of the 2024 NBA Championship Race

We have finally come to the world’s midseason of the most powerful basketball league. There already are certain insights on whom we can expect to play in the playoffs. But there are more games to play, and it would be impossible to predict who will be the league’s winner. However, that doesn’t mean certain things currently happening in the NBA can’t give us more details. More precisely, based on trades made in the midseason, we may determine who has more or less chance of getting the ring.

If you are a lover of the NBA, then you can suppose that we are talking here about the midseason trades. We can’t neglect certain interesting things that have happened in the NBA market. Without any doubt, we can say certain unexpected trades happened, and we believe that most of you will agree with us.

We do not want to say one of two players can change the team completely. It takes time until each individual adapts to a new team. But, certain basketball players do possess the qualities that certain teams lack. Because of that, their skills will only be good for their new surroundings. As we said, the only thing left is to adapt to the commands and ideas of a new coach.

In this article, we would like to analyze the midseason trades and see whether they can impact the championship race in any way. Let’s go!

Kyrie Irving to Dallas Mavericks


Dallas Mavericks have a beautiful season. We believe it could be even better, as they had some really unlucky defeats this year. However, despite a lack of luck in certain situations, they have reached fifth place in the Western Conference. We are pretty sure there would not be any surprises around Dallas, even without any trades made in the midseason. Our team believes they would anyway reach the playoffs.

The question is – will they now manage to go a step further? Luka Doncic definitely is one of the best players in the world. We see him as MVP soon. However, he really needed another leader next to him that is ready to take responsibility in key moments. That’s why we believe that Kyrie Irving’s trade to Dallas is probably the best thing that could happen for the team at this moment.

Brooklyn and Irving were not in good relationships. He required a trade even before, but rarely who could imagine he would go to Dallas. We are not sure what to think about business and good trades. Dallas had to sacrifice 2 players for this trade: Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie. Apart from that, they also had to send the second-round pick in 2027 as well as the unprotected 2029 first-round pick. On the other hand, for those who do not know, Nets also sent Markieff Morris as part of the deal.

We will let others say what they think about this trade. However, we believe Dallas now has more chances to do something crazy until the end of the season. Do you agree with us?

Kevin Durent to Phoniex Suns


In the last couple of days, we could read in mainstream media that Brooklyn is falling apart. To be honest, we totally agree with that. For only a few weeks (or even days), they managed to lose 2 of their best players. That was actually a logical thing. Durant was mostly unsatisfied with the fact that Kyrie went to Dallas.

Generally speaking, it seems that things were not functioning a lot in the squad. Because of that, Brooklyn decided to start creating a team for the future. If that is their main goal, then all these trades were good for them.

So, what did the Nets get in return? Well, they primarily got 3 players as part of the deal, and they are Cam Johnson, Mikal Bridges, and Jae Crowder. However, that’s not all. They also got 4 picks from the first round in 2024, 2025, 2027, and 2029. As a part of the deal, TJ Warren is joining Phoniex together with Kevin Durant.

Phoenix Suns really has a powerful team at this moment. Cris Pol, Devin Booker, Durant, and the crew really have the capacity to mess up the plans of MVP Jokic and his teammates. But we also have to admit that Denver is currently unstoppable, especially when their best player is on fire. Yet, who knows? Surprises are one of the reasons why the NBA is considered the best basketball league in the world.

Thomas Bryant to the Nuggets


We can’t neglect the strongest team in the Western Conference and probably the strongest team in the league. They were also active during the midseason trading period, and we are sure things will become even better for them after this trade. If you ask us, Thomas Bryant is definitely the player that was missing in the Denver squad. With Nikola Jokic, Denver will certainly get a more aggressive attacking squad. Best of all, they were already strong there. Indeed, he had a tough injury in the past, but we are pretty sure he will be even stronger and finally help Nikola and the crew win the ring.

On the other hand, Nuggets sent Davon Reed and the future second-round pick to the Lakers. Some say this is a win-win trade as both teams got what they needed. However, we still believe that Denver made a better deal. Thomas and Nikola, in our opinion, can be an amazing team.


There we certainly many trades made in the midseason. We will not spend time on all of them, especially those that won’t change anything significantly. However, if you ask us, these three were the crucial ones. If everything goes well, all the teams mentioned in this article can become stronger.

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