5 Most Expensive Dogs Breeds To Buy And Own

Long-haired, short-haired, large, and small dogs are increasingly becoming a trademark and even a status symbol for their owners. Today, many dog lovers do not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars on their favorite puppies. And what is the reason these dogs are expensive? The answer to that question is simple: Because such breeds are generally very rare – or difficult to breed. So let’s take a look at some of the high-priced dogs.

Pricey Dog Breed Is Usually A Rare Breed


Although adoption is always the most desirable thing to do if you wish for a dog – some owners choose to purchase them. Many owners will justify such a choice with the purity of the breed or the proper upbringing of the offspring, but still, one thing is sure – you must set aside a lot of money for something like that. Depending on what kind of puppy you wish for – that amount can sometimes exceed our wildest expectations. The truth is, the expenses are very different and they depend on the dog you choose – and some of these pets can cost a small fortune. These are mostly very rare breeds. Some of them are very difficult to breed or difficult to grow in captivity. Therefore, such rare breeds are a pleasure for many owners – but also a status symbol.

Dogs As Status Symbols

Dogs as status symbols?! Although we shouldn’t look at our furry friends that way – the truth is somewhat different. Many owners opt for expensive breeds precisely because it sends a message about their status or success in life. Is that OK or not – that could be debated. Still, the fact is that many dog breeds reach incredible prices of thousands of pounds. An irrefutable record, to this date, is held by a specimen of one dog breed that was purchased for an incredible sum of 1.4 million euros (about 1,178,000 pounds). Of course, in addition to the money to be set aside for the purchase – it is also necessary to calculate the total cost of caring for certain breeds. According to job-prices.co.uk, such maintenance can cost you a lot – especially if you have acquired one of the more expensive breeds. So let’s see which dogs are the most expensive to buy and own.

1. Tibetan Mastiff


This is a very rare breed, although its roots go back to the distant past. Some experts claim that we have historical evidence of the origin of this dog going back to 1100 BC. Experts believe that these dogs arrived in Central Asia following the conquests of Attila the Hun. Another legend tells us this is the “God’s Dog” – since people in Tibet think it is the incarnation of one Tibetan priest. That’s probably the reason why they have been in the “God’s service” for a very long time – guarding Tibetan temples and monasteries. Outside of Asia, this dog first appears in Europe, when one specimen was gifted to Queen Victoria – which was followed by the popularization and breeding of new puppies. However, to this day, this breed has remained rare – and one specimen of the Tibetan Mastiff has reached the incredible figure we mentioned. Yet, despite the fact that some people are willing to give so much money for a dog – this breed has a nature that is not so compelling for everyone. Also, these dogs, like many other breeds, have certain genetic predispositions to certain diseases – such as hip dysplasia (which is not surprising given their size), as well as problems with the thyroid gland, eyes, etc.

2. Chow Chow


Another beautiful dog that originates from Asia, more precisely from China. It is believed that these were the guard dogs at the Chinese palace and that the Chinese emperors kept them as a sign of power and wealth. Although very appealing with its fluffy fur and purple tongue – this dog is a very good guardian and often very combative. While they are very reserved towards strangers, sometimes even aggressive – these dogs are extremely loyal to their owners. The maintenance is quite demanding, primarily because you must constantly brush their long hair – which should remain smooth and shiny. Apart from the fact that owning such a dog will cost you a lot – what is crucial is to provide him with professional training from the earliest age in order to adapt to life with you.

3. Pharaoh Hound


This is believed to be one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds. The origin, as like with many other ancient breeds, is not fully known. Today, we believe that the ancestors of today’s pharaoh hounds originated in Egypt, somewhere around 3000 BC. They were used as hunting dogs to chase small venison – and some theories claim that those were the favorite pets of the Egyptian pharaohs. Pharaoh Hound is very intelligent and athletically built. Their average life expectancy of 11 to 14 years – but is incredibly susceptible to stress. That can lead to severe digestive and neurotic problems – which can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

4. Portuguese Water Dog


These puppies are quite rare, and the fact that it is among the hypoallergenic breeds makes them very popular. Besides costing a lot when purchasing, these dogs are rather expensive to maintain or hair care for – especially if you strive for the standard look of the Portuguese Water Dog. The athletic build of this breed tells the owner that this dog must spend a lot of time in outdoor activities. If you are often away from home, you will need someone to take care of this dog while you are away.

5. Afghan Hound


Known for its dignified, cat-like demeanor – the Afghan Hound is the dog with the longest and brightest fur in the dogs world. Their hair looks so graceful – so it’s simply impossible to imagine them rolling on the grass. Although this is a hypoallergenic dog – it demands daily brushing so that the hair does not get tangled. The history of these dogs classifies them as hunters – which is why they have a habit of keeping their heads high as if they are always on guard. There is only whispering about their price among the owners.


Many of us will say that a dog is a dog after all – and that we shouldn’t give such large amounts of money for expensive specimens of certain breeds. However, let’s not forget that some dog breeds have survived thanks to careful breeding. Therefore, the most important thing, in the end, is to love your pets and take good care of them – because, in the dogs’ eyes, that is the only priceless thing.

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