Beginner’s Guide: 5 Essential Online Gambling Tips for Beginners

Statistics say that more than 80% of Australian adults indulge in casinos and other gambling games. But they all started somewhere. Yet, to be a beginner in this mass of experienced players can get a little intimidating. But do not worry about it when we are here to provide you with the best beginner’s guide for online gambling.

Want to play Australian online casinos for real money? Our gambling experts can help you do that. In this article, we will give you a walkthrough of essential gambling tips for beginners. Follow these when you are just starting out, and you will never be hassled. Check out our recommendations at

Top 5 tips from experts

It is easier for online casino sites to dupe beginners for their money. That is why you need to plan your strategy and consider these tips to stay safe and still play exciting games.

1. Get a detailed idea about the gambling rules in your country

Each country has their own set of gambling rules; some countries might have a ban on all types of gambling games. Each jurisdiction, even those in the European Union that are, mostly, harmonized, has its own regulation when it comes to gambling. Some countries like Australia permit limited types of casino and gambling games, others offer operators and players a much bigger freedom of choice.

There are also many unlicensed casino sites in Australia as well as the rest of the world. Before you play, you need to  sure you know which are legal and follow government rules and regulations.

Check for the legal status and the operating license of casinos and betting sites to avoid getting duped. After all, it’s better to be safe now than feel sorry for your losses later.

2. Check for the authenticity of the website

When you have found the online casino website that you want to play at, make sure you verify the reputation of the website in question. One of the best ways to do this is to look for reviews about it at trusted sources online.

There is a huge community of online gamblers who are not shy to share their experiences while playing on the internet – both the good and the bad. And these experiences can tell you a lot about the website you’re about to register at. Look for details about the site’s customer support – whether it’s fast or slow, helpful or dismissive – as well as the reactions of the sites’ representatives on forums and reviews sites. If a website has the interests of the player in sight, it will show immediately – and a large number of negative reviews will also give you a hint on whether or not the site in question is the right one to choose.

In short, seek out online reviews, check customer reactions, and listen to other players’ words. Check their license and see if the site is legal to confirm that you can rely on them for an authentic and safe gambling experience.

3. Develop your own betting strategy


New players often forget to develop their own betting strategy when they begin playing. But you should make more calculated bets and higher your chances of winning than just betting blindly.

While most casino games, especially slot machines, are purely games of chance, there are subtle differences between them when it comes to return to player, hit frequency, and volatility that will likely change your experience with them. There are, in turn, a few where your decisions will actually matter, where using a strategy can increase not only your satisfaction but also your winnings.

Do a bit of homework, read up on the nature of the game you plan on playing before sitting down to a (virtual) gaming table. The internet is filled with guides to this or that casino game. Just make sure you don’t fall for “100% proven and working strategies that will help you break the bank” – if those worked, their authors wouldn’t ask for $19,99 to share their secrets but would’ve broken the bank themselves.

4. Read all the terms and conditions of payment on the sites

A legitimate gambling outlet has its terms and conditions at an easily accessible section of their website so you can read them and understand them before you register. If there’s no such thing on the website, avoid it.

There are countless customer complaints out there – not just about gambling outlets – that are born out of the users’ lack of understanding of the websites’ terms. Of course, a T&C page is massive, and written in “legalese” that’s incredibly boring and repulsive for most. Still, there are parts of if that are worth reading – especially those about privacy, bonuses, and payments. Seek them out and read them before registering to avoid being “surprised” by the rules.

5. Select the best bonus options

When choosing an online gambling outlet, make sure to take a look at the bonuses first. But not just the bonuses themselves but the wagering requirements as well.

Casinos are not charities handing out free money to their players – even though it may seem like that at first. If you don’t read the terms, that is. Bonuses come with strings attached: they are given as “bonus funds” – play money, if you like – that have to be “cleared” by completing a series of actions before you can withdraw them and spend them.

Most gambling sites require you to play through the amount you received as a bonus dozens of times before you can withdraw your winnings. At an online casino, this can be anywhere between 1 times (the best) to 70 times, which, in the case of a larger bonus amount, can take some time to do. Whichever the case, you need to read the T&Cs and privacy policy and understand them so you won’t be surprised later on.

Parting Thoughts

As a final thought, here is the most important rule of them all: don’t forget to have fun. Gambling never was, and never will be, a viable money-making method but rather a form of entertainment.  While they are not for everyone, casino games can be a lot of fun to play – and if you don’t enjoy them, don’t let the vague possibility of a potential big win keep you playing and feeling it’s nothing but a chore.

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