Paeka Campos Wiki 2024: Height, Net Worth, Age, and Full Bio

Who is Paeka Campos?

Paeka Campos (Born May 1, 2002), is a famous  Social Media star, who was born in North America.

Campos is known for her content on different platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

We are going to know about her Age, Relation, and Net Worth. Let’s get started.

Paeka Campos Biography

Paeka Campos posingPaeka Campos posing

Real Name Paeka Campos
Nick Name Paeka Campos
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 1. 2002
Birth Place Austin, Texas, North America
Age 18 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Profession YouTuber, Consent Creator
Height (approx.) 5 Feet and 4 Inches/ 1.63 Meters
Weight (approx.) 55 Kilograms/ 121.21 Pounds
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sibling N/A
Spouse Not Married
Children No
Net Worth 100,000 USD
Profiles TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Quick Information star ⚡

Paeka Campos Height

Paeka Campos currently stands at 5 Feet and 4 Inches  (1.63 Meters).

Campos weighs around  55 Kilograms (121.21 Pounds).

Paeka Campos is currently in a relationship with ‘Gero Hanirias’.

The YouTuber is reportedly worth approximately 100,000 USD as of 2024.

Paeka Campos has an official YouTube handle titled ‘Gero & Paeka’.

Paeka Campos Early Life

Where was Paeka Campos born? The famous TikToker was born in  Austin, Texas, North America. When was Paeka Campos born? Campos was born on the 1st of May, 2002. The content creator discovered her love for acting and singing at the early age of 6. Furthermore, she participated in school theatre and various talent shows to enhance her craft. Where did Paeka Campos go to college? Reportedly, Paeka attended her local high school, to gain basic knowledge. However, the teenage star has not expressed her childhood furthermore, hence she wants to keep it private.

Paeka Campos TikTok

How many followers does Paeka Campos have on her TikTok account? Campos currently has a massive following of 1.6 million fans.

When did Paeka Campos open her Instagram Account? Campos opened her Instagram Handle on 21th of December 2016. Furthermore, she currently has 380 thousand followers on her Instagram, where she has posted about 277 posts. Campos began her by acting in commercials for famous companies, for instance, ‘Google’, ‘Coca-Cola’, and ‘Seaworld’. Furthermore, she also auditioned for other roles, as she was determined and hard-working from a young age. Later on, she received ‘Off-Broadway’ at the famous ‘Minetta Lane Theather’ in Newyork at just 11 years old. After years of hustle and hard work, she launched her own company, four years later.

Paeka Campos Relation

Who is Paeka Campos’s Boyfriend? The Content Creator is currently in a relationship with ‘Gero Hanirias’.

Reportedly the young couple started dating in October 2017. After that, they launched their own YouTube channel feature the famous pair. Who many subscribers do Gero Hanirias have on Instagram? The famous boyfriend of Paeka has 49.6 thousand subscribers. Gero also is a famous TikToker like his romantic partner, where he has 244.5 thousand followers and a massive 9.3 Million likes.

Paeka Campos Personal Information

Paeka Campos Height

How tall is Paeka Campos? Paeka Campos currently stands at 5 Feet and 4 Inches (1.63 Meters). What is the weight of Paeka Campos? Paeka Campos weighs around  55 Kilograms (121.21 Pounds).

Paeka Campos Age

How old is Paeka Campos? Paeka Campos is currently 18 years old. Furthermore, she has big brown eyes and Natural brown hair.

Paeka Campos Zodiac sign

What is Paeka Campos’s zodiac sign? The famous TikToker’s star sign is  Taurus. Moreover, Paeka has white Caucasian ethnicity.

Paeka Campos Family

Who are Paeka Campos Parents? The information about Palka’s father and mother is not available in the online domain. Who are Paeka Campos Siblings? The famous TikTok star has not revealed about her Brothers or sisters. Also, she has not disclosed her personal life, as she does not want loved ones in the spotlight of Social Media.

Paeka Campos Income

How much is Paeka Campos worth? The YouTuber is reportedly worth approximately 100,000 USD as of 2024. The internet sensation’s main source of income is via Instagram and her famous TikTok channel. Furthermore, Campos has also been featured in movies, for instance, ‘Harbinger’, ‘The place in Between’, and ‘Divine Access’. The 18-year-old star also generates an impressive engagement rate per post, consequently, it attracts Sponsorships and brand endorsements. Being an attractive individual, Paeka is also being considered for modeling work, which will add to her revenue.

Paeka Campos Trivia

The TikTok star has lived an interesting life, in spite of being just 18 years of age. Let’s look at trivia and cool facts.

  • Paeka Campos is known to be a Non-vegetarian.
  • The Instagrammer’s parents were confident that their daughter had a spark after seeing her talent.
  • She is a pet-loving person and also posts pictures of her pets on her Instagram handle.

Paeka Campos Videos

Does Paeka Campos have an official YouTube channel? Yes, Paeka Campos has an official YouTube handle titled ‘Gero & Paeka’. Campos open this channel with her current boyfriend ‘Gero Hanirias’, and they make content together for this YouTuber handle. The famous couple’s first video is ‘OUR FIRST VLOG/MUKBANG!!!’, which gained 35 thousand views. Moreover, their most viewed video is titled ‘STARTING AN ARGUMENT THEN TELLING MY…‘, which has 397 thousand views. How many subscribers does Paeka Campos have? ‘Gero & Paeka’ has 230 thousand subscribers as of 2024. Here is a video featuring the social media star. Enjoy!

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