Youtube’s Top Beauty Channels

Youtube has a become a world wide phenomena spanning more than 2 billion active users. A lot of people share their lives and knowledge on the platform. Especially YouTube’s beauty community has exploded and is growing rapidly.

This is not surprising considering the number of talented YouTubers. So with all that we wanted to do a quick run down of the top beauty channels on Youtube and who are the people that you should follow for the best beauty and make up tricks.

Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato, a model who is willing to share her beauty secrets and tips from the secretive model industry. DiDonato’s YouTube channel has everything you need, from hairstyling videos and makeup tutorials to skincare hacks. Her beauty tips are simple and helpful, even though she will do some travel and workout videos here and there. This is not surprising considering that she has worked with some of best creatives in the industry. Her channel is the MVP beauty industry insider. This channel is sure to be a favorite of yours.


Rachel Claire Levin is one of the biggest beauty YouTubers & has one of the biggest channels on the web. Her audience is varied, and the she also makes different types of videos ranging from DIYs, life hacks, comedy, skits, and more. Rachel was reportedly one of the highest-paid beauty creators on the platform in 2018 and the channel has 14m subscribers & over 3 billion video views.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge, a makeup artist who has worked with Dua Lipa and Natalie Portman, is an impressive powerhouse. Eldridge was formerly a member of the mysterious celebrity makeup artists club. Eldridge can create looks from classic looks to elaborate rainbow winged liners. A content creator that can truly show you a lot!


Jeffree Star is a talented songwriter who is also an OG Beauty influencer. He was the most-followed person on MySpace in 2006. The most followed person on MySpace in 2006. While he’s been part of the YouTube community since 2006, Jeffree started posting more tutorials & beauty. He also launched his own launching his own cosmetics products under the name Jeffree Star Cosmetics a few years back. Since then, he’s amassed nearly 1.5 billion video views and eighteen million subscribers on the platform.


Violette is one of our top picks and she is the embodiment of everything. We suggest that you watch all her videos. Amazing looks, quick tips and the best hacks you can imagine. Just go check it out. She was appointed Estee Lauder Global Beauty director in 2017. It’s no wonder she’s so popular. She is well-known for making any make-up look chic and polished, so she is our go to for a quick beauty inspo.


Nikkie, a Dutch beauty vlogger, is a YouTube star with over thirteen subscribers. More than one billion views. Nikkie doesn’t mind showing her naked face and is committed to keeping things real. She sees makeup as a great hobby and that was especially clear with her first videos that went super popular, The Power of Makeup. She has collaborated with many beauty brands, including Maybelline and Ofra on makeup videos. She even hosted the 2024 Eurovision!

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