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Ever since we have such good internet connection wherever we go, the gambling industry has made a complete turnaround in the business. The traditional way of gambling where you had to go to a local casino house has been replaced by online casino games. Today, it is enough to have an account with a casino operator and you are ready to try your luck in one of the many casino games.

The trend of popularizing online gambling has not bypassed any part of the world. More and more players are directing their gambling activities towards the Internet. There is no doubt that online casino operators will completely replace the traditional ones at some point, so when that moment comes one should surely be ready. In fact, ever since the pandemic started, it seems like these times are just around the corner. The whole life of an individual has moved online – we socialize this way, shop, pay for our utilities, and so many other things.  So, who’s to say we aren’t halfway there, already?

When the whole world stopped, places like Vegas has to think of a way to keep the business rolling, and gambling activity live, in order not to go bankrupt. They did what was logical, started streaming online from the biggest venues of the world. Online streaming made people play in those venues, who have never thought this was possible. And the popularity increased. If you’re wondering which of the games hold the most popular, we give you live casino games ranked accordingly.

1. Slot games


The popularity of casino games of this type has spread from traditional ones to the internet. Online slots are games that are popular with both male and female players. The relatively simple rules and conditions for playing contribute to this. Simply put, you need to match the signs and you have won. They require 0 skills, 0 strategies, and the only factor that will determine whether you win or lose is luck. This gets the adrenaline going, and is one of the reasons why people are so obsessed with it

There are countless slot games on the Internet today. However, not every game is considered to be safe, given the fact, there are countless fake websites. Visit www.casinojaguaronline.com  for the list of safe ones.

When we talk about the chances of extremely high winnings in an online casino, then slots are not the right choice for that. As we’ve mentioned previously, with slots, there is no strategy that can give you a better chance of winning.

2. Roulette


For many gambling lovers, this game is the first thing that comes to their mind when someone mentions a casino. The online version of this game is not much different from the traditional one, except that in the online version the ball is thrown by a machine. There have been live versions of it streamed live, recently, where the balls are thrown by a real dealer.

Its rules are very simple and easy to master. Place a bet on a number or group of numbers and if that number comes out, you win the bet. Although it is very fun and exciting to play it, you must know that this casino game is pure gambling. However, there are certain tricks and strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning.

3. Blackjack


One of the casino games that has been gaining popularity among online players lately. This is supported by the fact that in this game, with a good strategy, the player can increase his chances of winning. So, it takes skills and expertise to win.

It is a classical card game. The goal is extremely simple: to beat the dealer or online casino. It is possible to play live with real dealers, just as is the case with previously mentioned games, which is certainly an amazing experience, and adds to the popularity of this game even more.

4. Poker


Here’s a casino card game that has experienced a real boom in recent years, worldwide. One of its variants that stands out, in particular, is definitely Texas Holdem poker. You can play this casino game for free, but also for real money check them out on Slotsfans.com.

The goal of the game is to achieve the best combination of cards compared to other players. This game is based on good strategy and tactics, and people who master it are quite popular in casinos.

The main question of every casino player before starting the game is, how to choose an online casino? Nowadays, a large number of casino players due to many differences prefer to play in an online casino rather than go to a physical slot machine club. Online casinos are convenient, secure and offer an equally wide selection of exciting online games. Time and location are two factors that can no longer limit you in the game.

Thanks to online casinos, it is possible to play whenever and wherever you want, using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Since many online casinos also offer responsive mobile casino versions that are fully compatible with many mobile devices, it is possible to play on the go. Online gambling can be a great experience, as long as you only play in legal online casinos. It is crucial to be able to choose the best online casino because your gaming experience will largely depend on it.

The most important thing is to determine which online casino is reliable and professional, while at the same time offering casino games to your personal taste. However, this task may not be as easy as you think, given the fact that we have been spoiled by a huge choice. Then, how do you know if it’s safe or not? Simple, do some digging, and read online reviews. These should tell you all about experiences others had with a platform you chose to play on. But do keep a certain level of suspicion, since these reviews can also be written by people working for the fake platforms.

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