How to Take Care of the Skin While You Are Sleeping?

How to Take Care of the Skin While You Are Sleeping?

If you have ever said to yourself that you do not actually have the time for a face mask, then there is a good news. You can put the mask while sleeping. You can now put on the mask with the revitalizing oils, peptides and vitamins. The result that comes after the sleep is the extra fresh looking.

There are several types of the masks you can put on and get the great results. We have prepared types.


We will start with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It is the great mask that is being used by many people who travel long distance flights. The important thing is that it does not melt down.


This one was created in 1990 by Leonard Lauder. This is the clear sign that the mask is created with the highest standards possible.

So, to give you a better example of this, the mask uses rose flower water instead of regular water. It also consists a with a plentiful of oils from avocado to citrus peel. These improves the possibility of the skin to look fresh even days after putting the mask.

Another one is the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask that hydrates without the addition of oils. This mask deeply moisturizes and enhance the elasticity of the skin. This is all achieved as it is filled with mango seed butter and algae extract. If you want lighter variation, you can try the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.


In case you want to remove the wrinkles, it is recommended to use Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Overnight Firming Mask. It is not only produced with the ingredients including essential amino acid, collagen-boosting peptides and ceramides, it is also helping to sleep better with the mild scent of jasmine, vanilla, freesia and sandalwood.


In extreme cases where your skin is exposed to indoor heating, late nights, you can use the restoring sleep mask. The new Lancome Energie De Vie Nuit The Overnight Recover Sleeping Mask is the one to go with. With this, skin feels refreshed and healthy.

This is enhanced with the mix of antioxidant goji berry and lemon balm oil.

At the end, we suggest Nude Skincare Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask. Best way to apply it is to first run it through your fingers before applying it on the skin. It activates the rich butters and honey extract that soften a rough complexion. On the other hand, the vitamins and omega fatty acids 6 & 9 are in charge for other areas of interest in order to have a healthy glow in the morning.

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