6 Ways You Can Thicken Your Eyelashes Naturally?

Long, shiny lashes are considered a sign of beauty and glamor. To achieve that WOW effect of seductive look – today we use various sophisticated mascaras or even artificial eyelashes. However, artificial eyelashes are just like the name says – artificial. And true beauty is always natural, so here are 5 ways to thicken your eyelashes in a natural way.

Long And Thick Lashes – Seductive Look


There is nothing more attractive in a woman’s eyes than long, thick eyelashes – that give that look a dose of mystery and seduction. If nature was not generous when it comes to your lashes – there are mascaras and artificial lashes that will surely make your look more romantic. However, no one denies that naturally long and dense lashes are irreplaceable. Moreover, certain cosmetic products will accelerate the growth of eyelashes. If you have difficulties with eyelash loss, or if you think they are thin and not long enough – there are ways to naturally accelerate their growth and increase the volume. With the following few suggestions, you will quickly and easily “make” them grow.

Can You Get Dense Eyelashes The Natural Way?

Long, beautiful, thick, and well-groomed eyelashes are every woman’s dream. But to get beautiful lashes, you have to spend a lot of time and energy. Many women do not want to wait and want fast outcomes. You can get this effect only by using artificial eyelashes, and by doing that, you will only damage your delicate and sensitive natural eyelashes. However, Mother Nature has made sure that we have some genuine natural remedies and methods by which you can get thick and healthy lashes. So here are some natural ways you can thicken your eyelashes. But remember, it takes a little time and patience.

1. Change your makeup routine

While you may find it particularly tempting, we are not fans of mascaras formulated to last longer. In other words, the harder it is for you to remove makeup in the evening – the greater the chances of using a mascara formula that permanently damages and weakens your lashes. In the future, use your artificial eyelashes only for the most special occasions – since their daily use will permanently damage your natural ones, thanks to aggressive glue. Also, be extremely careful with an eyelash curler which, although it can achieve wonderful results, can disrupt the natural growth of eyelashes with excessive use.

2. Use serums for lash growing before your usual makeup routine


Despite the empty promises of a large number of lash growing serums, some serums truly bring the desired effects and are fantastic for renewing and growing new eyelashes. That’s why you need to find an eyelash serum that will be made out of natural ingredients, and truly help you out. According to Viebeauti, those that contain natural ingredients formula can give you great results in just two to three weeks – and they will not damage your natural eyelashes in any way. It is best to try all these natural preparations, to see which is the best solution for your eyelashes. Just be patient, because the results can’t come overnight. It may take some time before you notice the difference – but you will get long and thick lashes that many will envy.

3. Eyelids massage for eyelash growth

Massage suits every part of the body, even the eyelids. By massaging the eyelids at the root of the lashes – we speed up the microcirculation. Higher blood flow to that part of the tissue means a better supply of nutrients – and that further means faster eyelash growth. The eyelids are massaged with the fingertips, gently along the lash line. Do this once a day or at least a couple of times a week. If you use natural anti-wrinkle cream, you will have a double benefit at the same time.

4. Use olive or coconut oil


Olive oil has the incredible power of renewing or boosting the hair – and has an extremely effective effect on the length and density of your lashes. Rich in fatty acids, the hydrating effect of olive oil will soften your lashes. All you need is a disposable unused mascara brush to distribute the oil evenly on your lashes. Coconut oil can additionally be used as a moisturizer for hair and eyelashes. Put a little oil on your fingertips and gently rub it into your lashes to give them incredible softness but also a firm root.

5. Vaseline for increasing the density of your lashes

Vaseline, actually a petroleum gel that is formed as a derivative of oil refining, is a combination of paraffin wax and mineral oils. It is totally natural and does not irritate the eyes. We all have it in the bathroom, but we usually use it to lubricate our shoes. Vaseline, however, is used as the basis of many creams and ointments. In natural cosmetics, it is highly valued because it helps heal superficial wounds and scars, hydrate the skin, lips, hair, and when it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows – they grow thicker, longer, and brighter as if from water. With regular use, Vaseline primarily hydrates lashes that stop being brittle, crack and fall off less. They are brighter and more elastic.

6. Use vitamins and eyelash masks

Take vitamins B and E, because their lack in the body slows down the growth of eyelashes, which contributes to their weakening and loss. For night hydration of eyelashes, make vitamin-based masks. These can be zucchini, almond, olive oil, or vitamin E in capsules. Apply oil on the root of the lashes and leave the mask on overnight – and your lashes will be grateful and will never fall out again. Avoid contact with eye oil.

Treat Yor Lashes Gently


Do you use waterproof mascaras that are difficult to remove? In the nighttime, you rub your eyes, pull lashes – and in the end, you forcefully pull out one of the lashes that are not the time to fall off. Little by little, your lashes are becoming thinner and you have to start with artificial ones or go for eyelash extensions. So be gentle with your lashes. Naturally, nurture them and you will be surprised by the natural density and appearance of your lashes.

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