Dog Kennels On A Budget: Cost-Effective Tips For Building Or Buying A Kennel

All dogs are different, and their owners choose to keep pets inside or outside the home. If they are kept outside, they should have a proper kennel that is safe and roomy, where the changes in the outside weather will not cause a problem.

Single dog kennels from are available in different sizes and shapes that are budget-friendly. Dog owners can purchase kennels made from wood or eco-friendly thermal plastic. Also, owners can buy other accessories like anti-chew strips, draught excluders, dog bowls, waterproof sealants, and other items when building or buying


Tips To Build Cost-Effective Dog Kennels


Few owners tend to build their kennels for their pet dog outside the house as it looks more budget-friendly when compared to buying one from the market. A few cost-effective tips for making dog kennels are,

Semi Dog Kennel

A few dog owners like to build upon the smaller ready-made outdoor dog kennel, as many found it more cost-effective. It acts as an extra addon to the already existing dog house. If proper planning is done, starting with a smaller dog kennel is advisable; building upon it can save a lot of money in the long run.

Use Substitute Materials

Dog owners can use building materials like wood, PVC, and chicken mesh instead of steel or chain link to build an outdoor doghouse. By looking at the ready-made kennels and having a bit of creativity, many unique ideas to create a kennel will come to mind.

Plan For Space


Ensure the pet dog has enough space to move around and walk inside the kennel. Dogs need to have ample room to get enough exercise, especially during the day.

Planning the space needed in advance is advisable, as it will help in knowing the materials that must be bought to cover that space when building the kennel. Creating a kennel that gives the dog at least twenty feet of running room is advisable.

Make Use Of Nylon Panels

When planning to build the kennel with chain link fencing, then using nylon panels for the roof and walls is considered a budget-friendly, weatherproof remedy.

Panels made of nylon are washable, and on top of that, they are breathable. They could easily give ample protection from the rain and sun compared to chain link designs. It could block the wind too.

Budget Friendly Roof

Many roofing solutions are available for building a doghouse roof. But the most budget-friendly solution is building the top with plywood, tarp, or canvas.

These materials are cost-effective and will provide the dog with a safe place to stay if used in the kennel. Other animals or strangers will not threaten it, and the dog will stop any escape attempts.

Things To Consider For Buying Dog Kennels


When searching in the market to buy a new doghouse, many things must be considered before making the decision. A few tips to consider when purchasing dog kennels are,

Kennel Size

The size of the kennel matters, as a doghouse with ample space makes the dog stretch its legs and move around as much as possible. The doghouse should be wide enough for the pet to turn around freely without touching the sides or top of the kennel.

Instead of choosing a vast kennel, an appropriate size kennel has to be selected by the owner so that the dog will feel safer. Depending upon the dog breed and taking help from professionals to choose the kennel size is advisable before buying it.

Space For Kennel

Measure the space where the kennel is to be placed before purchasing. After checking the area, putting the kennel in the backyard is advisable. The kennel should never be a tight fit in the area set, as it will become difficult to install it. Make sure there is at least some space around it.

Space around the kennel is necessary, as it helps stop the development of dampness because of the atmosphere, which will happen if there is no ample space for sunlight to enter and air to circulate. Proper air circulation helps the dog get adequate ventilation.

Enough sunlight ensures the doghouse is always clean and dry, naturally sterilizing harmful germs. Apart from that, the dog owner should be able to access all the kennel parts easily.

After playing outside, the dogs tend to bring mud and muck inside the kennel; therefore, it becomes necessary to access all the parts of the doghouse to clean it thoroughly.

Price Of Kennel


The price of the kennel changes from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the materials and size. It is always advisable to select a budget-friendly kennel. Instead of purchasing a cheaper kennel, it is better to go for a quality doghouse, as it is built with materials of good quality that will help in its longevity in the long run.

Even though good quality dog houses look expensive, owners should always consider it to be a long-term investment that will be easily realized as they will sustain for longer years without much wear and tear.

Building Material

Kennels built with different materials are available in the market. Sometimes there will be different types of materials used to create it. Usually, wood is the best option as it is known in abundance and is bulky in shape, which will act as a good insulator that helps regulate the temperature inside.

The wood from logs or planks will be as good as the wood purchased separately, but wood siding is the best realistic option. LP wood siding is considered the best as this process ensures that the wood has anti-termite and fungal resistance properties. The insides and outsides have a special coating that helps improve water resistance.

Plastic is another material to consider, but it does not absorb the smell well. If there is intense weather outside, it will not be a good insulator, but it is easier to clean when compared to wood. Then there are dog houses made from metals, but they will not be cost-effective compared to wooden ones.



The kennel’s roof must be considered when buying or building a doghouse. A sloping roof is regarded as the best, and if they have detachable rooftops, it is ideal during the summertime as it helps cope with the outside warmer temperature. But it all depends upon the preferences of the owner.

Many customizations are available when planning to build or buy a kennel. Different colors, lighting, textures, accessories, fencing types, and other items can be incorporated when planning to go for a good-quality kennel.

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