What Distinguishes Top VR Models?

Many beginners are mistaken in thinking that the main quality in this area of ​​business is an attractive appearance. Of course, a beautiful face, a slim figure, and large breasts will add points to the personal portfolio of an aspiring model and help her start a successful webcam career easily and quickly. However, practice proves that even the most seductive static picture will not make a man stay in the chat for a long time. He spends a lot of money on such communication, so he wants to get not just erotic content but an exciting adventure that will excite the imagination for a long time to come.

Politeness and Sociability


When you visit dreamcam.com, a good VR model will show maximum interest in a man, it was for the sake of a response to his own words and requests that he came to the video chat site. Users of such resources, as a rule, are vain; they are flattered by the attention of the gentle sex. For a web model, in turn, the attention of a man and the time he spends communicating with her are important. While maintaining a conversation, the top VR model follows these rules:

  • asks more questions, avoiding personal topics, family, or work conversations (unless he starts talking);
  • maintains the required pace;
  • avoids awkward silence and long pauses;
  • stimulates the attention of the interlocutor with movements and activity.

To keep you interested, good VR cam girls are stroking themselves, touching their necks, hair, and collarbones. However, an experienced webcam model will not undress before starting communication in a private chat room, although men often ask for it right away. They can give the client a small hint that he is waiting for a special show.

Practice proves that a woman is desirable to men in a chat as long as a conversation with her promises them something extraordinary. Having received everything at once, they may lose interest. If during the conversation you learn in detail about the sexual fantasies and dreams of a man, it will not be hard to assure him that in private, he will have the embodiment and visualization of all his desires.

Charisma and Intelligence

In addition to an attractive appearance, to build a career as a VR model, a woman must have experience in communicating with different people. Having good communication skills allows you to maintain long and interesting conversations. The amount of her fee depends on how much time the client spends communicating with the webcam model.

Top models, as a rule, are girls who have natural charisma and charm and who know how to win over an interlocutor from the first minutes of a conversation. Women who have a broad outlook and are interested in various areas of life can count on great popularity.

Well-Groomed Appearance and Neat Makeup

Even though women with figures that do not fit the standard model parameters can work as web models, the gentle sex must look attractive and impressive to work successfully in an online chat. A well-groomed and tidy appearance plays an important role already at the first stage of acquaintance with the client. A potential interlocutor who is looking for a webcam model in the chat for a long and exciting dialogue, first of all, gets acquainted with the portfolio of girls. Most customers prefer models that have a pleasant appearance.

A woman who dreams of achieving success in a career as a web model must keep fit, eat right, and use high-quality cosmetics for applying makeup. Well-made makeup allows the model to mask imperfections and make her appearance expressive, bright, and spectacular.

When choosing the right shades of eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, a web model should take into account the fact that dim lighting and a poor-quality webcam image make colors look dimmer. To make their appearance brighter, many VR models use red lipstick when creating makeup. It is perfect for black and gold outfits.

When creating makeup, a girl should take into account her color type, which depends on the shade of her hair and skin. There are four types in total—winter, spring, summer, and autumn. For example, owners of the winter type have marbled white skin and dark hair; when applying makeup, they are recommended to use red, crimson, and purple shades.

In addition to expressive makeup, the VR model must choose the appropriate hairstyle option—interesting styling will make the image more attractive. A well-groomed appearance allows the girl to feel at ease and confident during a communication session.


One of the main criteria is the reputation of the model, which consists of many factors. These include:

  • external attractiveness, which is determined not only by natural beauty but also by careful body care;
  • communication skills;
  • acting data, allowing you to perform different roles;
  • degree of frankness;
  • a carefully thought-out level of accessibility (too liberated VR models are often less popular than those who can make themselves treated with respect).

In the early days of working in a webcam studio, models often attract increased interest from guests, as men like variety. However, the ability to keep men requires considerable skill and serious effort. Improving acting skills, and the degree of body control (flexibility, mastering belly dance or toys for adults), the VR model can significantly increase its relevance.

Unique Offers


The most popular are those web models that can offer members original leisure. Pole dancing, the use of a variety of improvised items—from translucent fabric to adult toys—can arouse interest. The ability to dance, sing, do acrobatics, or do martial arts can help in creating a unique program.

As a rule, men pay attention not only to the girl talking to them but also to the interior of the room in which she is located. The design of the workplace should be stylish, modern, and functional. The model can sit on a sofa or in an armchair. The main thing is that the surrounding objects do not hamper her movements. It is also worth remembering that the overwhelming majority of men prefer order—the room in which the web model is located should be neat and clean. In addition, it is worth adjusting the lighting—for the camera to shoot clearly, it must be bright enough, and twilight is suitable for real dates.

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