What Happens To Your Body When You Gamble?

The human body responds to the outside phenomena in many different ways. Thanks to the senses we have, the ability to think long and hard about things, wonder, be afraid or excited, we have numerous reactions to the stuff that happens out in the world. Reacting a certain way is not the same for everyone and there could be many differences in how we perceive things as well as what our first instinct is. Some people are not impressed by anything while others struggle to keep it together with the smallest of impressions. If we like something and realize that it makes us feel good, we usually pursue it further and want to keep at it. On the other hand, if it is not such an enjoyable experience for any sort of reason, it is most likely the last time it happens.

Finding What Makes You Happy


The things that happen to and in our body with the good stuff allow us to know and feel what we like, what suits us, and even what we are talented and good at. This is how people find out things about themselves, what is right for them and what is not, what they want to fil their days with, and even what they want to focus on as a career choice. For most, it is also what helps them pick out their favorite free time activities, also known as hobbies. Picking a hobby means doing your favorite thing in your down time, when you are free from school and/or work. It can be a sport, video games, drawing, reading, watching movies and shows, cooking, traveling, etc. It can be basically anything that makes you happy and fulfilled.

For hundreds of millions of people, their go-to leisure time activity is gambling. Playing casino style games and hoping to win money is definitely not for everyone, nor does everyone who thought they would like it do. Still, for those who adore it, they know exactly why this is the case and it has a lot to do with how gambling makes them feel. Or rather, what happens to their body when they gamble. So what does happen to your body while you are gambling and is it good? Does it make sense and is it the same as with any other thing one can do for fun? Read on to learn more about this. In addition, for a great place to try out what happens to your own body when you gamble and to check how you feel while playing casino games, view here.

A Mixture of Positive and Negative

Gambling is infamous for making people feel all types of ways, from very positive when they win big to very negative when they cannot escape a long losing streak. Excitement and satisfaction that comes from winning money is always eventually replaced by the sadness, frustration, and annoyance when you start losing again. But that is gambling and it cannot really be escaped. It is the core of the game and what makes it so unique and special. Therefore, gambling can be best described as a hobby that gives you an equal amount of good and bad feelings as you play your favorite casino games. But those are the feelings and that much is relatively well-known to people. What are the actual things that happen to the body when gambling? How does the body change, what hormones are present, and how does the body behave?

What Happens to The Body?


The changes in the body usually start from the moment that you decide to gamble. For most people, the initial reaction is either a feeling of dread because they are afraid of losing more money, or a feeling of hope and excitement because they want to win money. Both of these states consume most of the mind and the body and it can easily be felt. The attention span shrinks and you only start thinking about the game you are about to play. Your arms and legs may feel stiffer and you are less inclined to move if you are in fear of losing. On the other hand, the excitement may make you joyful and jumpy which is when many people cannot really contain themselves and act more hyperactive than usual. Both of these feelings usually go away once you sit down and start playing the game. After that, it is all about what happens during the gambling session.

If you end up on a good run and start bringing in money, the happy hormones are produced across the body. The levels of dopamine, the feel-good hormone, in the brain are higher. Serotonin, the hormone in charge of mood, is also higher. Oxytocin, the love hormone that is also present. The endorphins which are the natural pain relievers and stress/discomfort protection are increased. All of these chemical reactions benefit the body in all the right ways and the overall feeling of happiness, excitement, content, and hopefulness can be truly felt in every fiber of the body. This is a normal thing to feel and actually what happens when someone does something big like win a competition, ace a test, falls in love, breaks a record, etc.


However, when the luck is not with you and when you are on a serious losing streak with a lot of money already lost, things are not that great. None of the above-mentioned hormones are at increased levels, not even at optimal levels. Instead, a mixed sense of despair and desperation is there and you cannot seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stress and anxiety start kicking in and they slowly grow into depression. The lack of positive hormones that are usually present when we feel good is enough to make a person feel down. But the increasing amount of bad luck mixed with bad gambling moves mounts up and brings about feelings of anger, rage, and uneasiness. This is when irrational, uncontrollable movements and cursing may come into play, perhaps even a wish to break something or yell. You may feel hot, thirsty, or even start shaking. These are all normal things to feel when in such a bad situation and the key is to let go of it for the day and come back with a clear head.

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