Common Mistakes with Home Security

Being a home owner means a lot of things. First of all, it implies taking care of the family you are living with and providing for them. Then it means keeping them comfortable and providing them with optimal living conditions at the least. When it comes to the house itself, it too needs attention from the home owners. This does not come only in the form of maintenance, repairs, and renovations. Not at all, as there is something far more pressing to tend to as well as make sure it sticks for good.

By this of course we mean home security, the means and solutions that will prevent strangers from breaking in as well as let you know what goes on when you are not looking. Home security is a very important part of the entire home owning experience and it is something that should always remain in your mind no matter how safe and secure you think you are. In this article we talk more about it and go in depth with some of the most popular and common forms of home security you should think about installing.

The importance of securing the home

When it comes to their general security, people might make a broad variety of errors. It is better to take action now while you still have the chance since some of these blunders might cost you. Your house being broken into is actually not as unlikely as you would believe; burglary is an issue the possibility of which you should never undervalue. People are frequently shocked when their houses are broken into, but when the security flaws in the property are taken into account, you will see that a break-in was an accident just waiting to happen. In some cases, it is a miracle that it did not happen already.

You greatly reduce the likelihood that a burglar would decide that your house is worth breaking into by doing everything you can to feel entirely satisfied with your home security. Even though they may lack morality, some thieves are intelligent enough to calculate the risks and compare them to the possible rewards when looking for a target property. Keep reading as we detail some of the most common mistakes with home security so you can be sure your house is not targeted. Make sure to stop doing these things if you are commonly doing them and think about what else you can do increase the safety of your home.

1. Leaving windows and doors open

Leaving doors and windows open is without a doubt one of the easiest and most common mistakes with home security. It is very easy to forget to lock a door with it slipping out of our minds, along with opening the windows during the day to let in some air. Before leaving the home for a few hours or going to sleep, it is sometimes too late as we forget close them. These two things can massively affect the security of your home and make it a prime target for even the most novice and inexperienced of burglars and thieves. These are the kinds of things that burglars will be on the lookout for in order to enter your home quickly.

You would be shocked at how many burglars try to enter through the front door; it is not like in the movies where they always have to break a lock, find a way to sneak in, or do something else cinematic. Even leaving your doors open might pose a serious security risk. Simply closing your door might make a difference in whether or not a burglar enters your house. A burglar can attempt to unlock your door before realising it is locked and moving on to another target. It is actually that easy; alternative entry methods frequently take too long or involve too much risk. To be 100% sure that the easiest ways in are blocked, close everything when you are not home and during the night and be sure to lock everything too.

2. Not having motion sensor lights outside your home

There is one thing that is certain with home break-ins, and that is the fact that criminals hate being in the light because of the obvious case of being easily spotted. Not having motion sensor lights around your home, the ones that go on when someone walks by, is definitely one of the most common mistakes with home security, one that could end up costing you your valuables and give you a traumatic experience for life. Burglars will undoubtedly be startled by lights outside your home that turn on when there is movement, causing them to flee instantly. It may even draw their attention to the light and be so worried about the lights, that you may have time to phone the police.

These lights are undoubtedly activated by wildlife quite frequently, but they are still valuable to have. You will still want to know if a stray dog, a racoon, or a possum is on the premise, right? Not to add, having these lights around might be rather practical. Say goodbye to needing a flashlight when you leave your house at night! This modification is really effective when it comes to house improvements overall, and it might do wonders for convenience and security. It is basically something every home should have strategically installed around the home.

3. Not having CCTV installed

CCTV is a lifesaver and can do so much to deter burglars from even trying to enter your home. A security camera is a burglar’s worst nightmare, as they want to avoid being seen at all costs and having this secured in your home makes that virtually impossible. Fortunately, we can make the most of this and install CCTV cameras in our homes to guard against anyone who comes onto your property with bad intentions. These clever small devices can record continuously, and you may save money on power and storage by programming them to switch on when burglaries are most likely to occur.

For instance, you might only need to set your cameras to turn on when it becomes dark outside or when you leave the house. Criminals are likely to turn around and walk the other direction as soon as they realise they are being recorded since they will stop at nothing to escape getting apprehended. Your security cameras will be extremely helpful in capturing the culprits too if, tragically, your home is still broken into. This however is very uncommon with homes that have cameras, especially if they are obviously visible. The burglars do not want to risk it. Some people even place fake cameras just to deter them from their homes!

Having cameras can be helpful in other ways as well and protect other people, not just your own family. Having video of your house might be quite useful for a variety of reasons, as well as if the cameras are recording the area in front of your home. You may end up helping the police catch up other perps who just happened to pass by your home. Keeping an eye on your pets remotely when you are not home is also possible if your yard is overlooked by cameras. Not having CCTV installed is definitely one of the biggest and most common mistakes with home security. Click here for CCTV instalment and more about the whole home security industry.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Those were the three things that make up our list of the most common mistakes with home security. As mentioned, they are quite easy and straightforward to fix if you have the habit of making them. Remember to close the doors and windows and think about installing a few motion sensor lights and a couple of cameras to protect your home. We hope you take inspiration from this article and that your home becomes more secure and safer than it ever was.

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