Instant Hotel Season 3: Is the Show Officially Confirmed by Seven Network?

Over the last few years, reality shows have gained immense popularity. One such show is the Instant Hotel series which has been exceptionally successful in creating a huge fan base.

The fans of Instant Hotel are gearing up in anticipation of the return of the show after two very successful seasons. Let’s see everything we know so far about this fantastic Australian reality show that has captured everyone’s attention with a unique and exciting concept.

What Happened In Instant Hotel Seasons 1 And 2?

Instant Hotel came to TV screens in Australia on 7th November 2017. It revolves around pairs of house owners who converted homes into hotels. Each contestant then judges the others. Ultimately, the winners secure a fantastic prize worthy of their efforts.

Once the scores are counted, the person with the highest points receives the grand prize! In season one, a ‘staycation’ at a California hotel with all expenses paid was up for grabs. In this season, ten teams participated, and they were divided into two groups. The highest scorers in each group then embarked on a head-to-head battle in the finale. Finally, Terry and Anita from Brisbane emerged victoriously after defeating the mother-daughter duo who hailed from Bondi Beach.

On the other hand, only four teams competed in the second season. They were divided into two groups again, and the highest-rated teams met in the final to win the grand prize – $100,000! The second season also saw a different scoring system, where aspects like location, value for money, and even sleep quality at night were taken into consideration! Judge Juliet Ashworth also awarded a score out of ten to each team.

In this season, even hotel owners gave their guests a score. The teams which got the highest combined score in each group reached the finals. In the end, it was Justin and Debbie who happily took the spectacular trophy home.

When Can We Expect The 3rd Season?


Owing to the tremendous success and popularity of the first two seasons, it is quite natural to expect a much more interesting season of Instant Hotel soon. But, unfortunately, it has not yet been officially confirmed when eagerly-waiting fans can expect a brand new season.

According to some sources, it may be released in late 2024 or early 2024, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. Seven Network has officially renewed the 3rd season. So, fans just need to wait with bated breath for a while longer to receive further updates on the date of release!

Till then, if you have missed any episode from the previous seasons, you can always head over to Netflix to watch it. Also, re-watching the previous seasons might not be a bad idea at all!

Whom Will We See In Instant Hotel 3?


The last two seasons of Instant Hotel have had super interesting contestants. Arguably, the most memorable duo was Gene Pierson and Sharon Salvestrin. Gene is a huge name in the music industry, whereas Sharon Salvestrin is a famous model. For season 3 too, we can expect some big names that will make the show very interesting and entertaining.

The number of teams and prizes were not the only things different about the first two seasons of Instant Hotel. In Season 1, Luke Jacobz, a famous Australian actor as well as television presenter, was the host.

However, Jacobz was replaced by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in the second season. Llewelyn-Bowen is an English TV personality turned interior designer. Both the hosts took the show to a whole new level with their enthusiasm! It’s likely that Llewelyn-Bowen will return to host the new season.
Juliet Ashworth was seen as a judge for both seasons and is expected to reprise her role for the upcoming season as well. But, don’t be surprised to see some new faces joining the club as judges!

All in all, we are pretty sure the third season is going to be a blast with a balanced combination of old favorites and new faces. Although nothing has been revealed so far regarding the cast, it is expected to be announced quite soon.

Is Any Official Teaser Out For Instant Hotel 3?

Officially there have been no teasers so far. But fans of the Instant Hotel show have created different parodies that combine the first and second seasons. The speculations are on fire!

The demand and popularity of this show are through the roof, and an official teaser is expected to be on the way soon. Go on, and watch some of the videos created by the fans. We are sure it will be refreshing and entertaining!

What Can Be Expected Out Of Season 3?


Instant Hotel will definitely live up to the show’s reputation in its past seasons. While the format is expected to be similar, we may see more contestants than we did previously in the second season.

To things up a notch, the creators may even add some twists to the format, which is expected to be released soon. Talking about other changes that might appear in the third season, there may be a more lucrative final prize and additional judges on the panel.

As nothing much has been revealed so far, we can only speculate things. The creators and producers must be under a lot of pressure to come out with a great show as they raised the bar so high for themselves after the first two seasons!

Final Words

Instant Hotel has become a top-rated non-scripted reality show. It has developed an enormous fan base with two incredible initial seasons, and the fans are definitely thirsty for more!

Although very less has been revealed regarding the third season, it doesn’t mean that the new season is canceled. All we can do is wait and expect that we’ll be treated with a new season soon and that it will live up to the expectations of its large fan base all over the world. We will keep you updated!

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