Slip And Fall Claims -Here is Your Guide!

Slip and fall accidents are becoming increasingly common in the United States, especially among the elderly. Slip and fall accidents can happen at any time, and they are always unexpected. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, over a million emergency room visits are due to slip and fall accidents in the United States each year. To know more, click here.

When Can You Make a Slip and Fall Accident Claim?

According to Atlanta law, victims of accidents that are the result of someone else’s negligence are often entitled to damages for their injuries. Therefore, you may be able to make a claim if someone else’s negligence led to your slip and fall. Examples of dangers that might cause slips and falls and are frequently caused by carelessness include:

  • Wet surfaces
  • insufficient illumination
  • Uncovered cables or wires
  • Debris
  • unmarked building
  • ripped carpet
  • slanted stairs
  • Uneven pavement
  • slick surfaces

A professional must always review your lawsuit before deciding how to move further because negligence might be challenging to determine. If you do not, you can be turning down sizable compensation.

What is the value of your case?

The cost of a personal injury claim is determined by a number of variables, such as the severity of your injuries, whether you contributed to the accident, the insurance policy limits of the party at fault, and the overall performance of your claim. The best method to determine how much you might be able to obtain is to speak with a qualified attorney nearby about the details of your case.

Do You Plan to Go to Trial?

If you were harmed in a slip and fall accident recently, you might be worried about whether you will need to go to court to get compensated. Even while any case could end up in court, it is important to remember that few injury claims get to trial. As an alternative, they are usually resolved outside of court by coming to a proposed settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

Why should you file a slip-and-fall claim?

Before you decide to file a slip-and-fall claim, you must first determine whether it will be worth the time and effort required. Some key factors that you should consider are:

  • How severe are your injuries
  • The fault of the property owner
  • Your “pain and suffering” damages and other non-economic damages
  • How legitimate was your medical treatment was
  • Whether you were at fault or not

What are the different types of damages?

A slip-and-fall accident can cause two types of damages -economic and non-economic damages.

As a victim of a slip and fall in Atlanta, you may be entitled to the following common economic damages:
  • coverage for medical expenses and emergency room visits
  • hospital admission fees
  • Price of assistive technology
  • Medications on prescription
  • follow-up medical appointments
  • The price of treatment and recovery
  • lost earnings when the victim’s inability to work due to the injury
  • Out-of-pocket costs associated with the slip and fall incident

Non-economic damages may include:

  • Pain and suffering from the accident.
  • Emotional suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Reduced quality of life

How to prove a slip-and-fall case?

The laws differ from state to state, but there are some general ways to prove a slip-and-fall case. They are:

  • Proving the existence of a dangerous condition you may prove that a dangerous condition existed in a public place. For example, you may prove that a public place had wet floors that caused you to slip.
  • Proving the property owner’s fault in fixing a potentially dangerous situation. You may prove that the property owner failed to resolve the potential dangers. The property owner may not deliberately create the dangerous situation, but they are responsible for fixing it within a reasonable period. For example, if someone spills a drink on the floor, then the property owner is responsible for notifying other people that the floor is wet and cleaning it up.

How Does Your Atlanta Slip and Fall Case Affect Comparative Negligence?

Whether you were at fault for the accident must be taken into account when estimating monetary damages in a slip and fall case. The court will lower the monetary costs based on your amount of fault if your bad choices, carelessness, or illegal action partially caused the injury. This is the definition of comparative negligence.

The defendant may utilize comparative negligence to lower your compensation when you contribute to an accident. It still applies when you do not take reasonable precautions to lessen your injuries.

A glaring example is when you run through a no-running zone. Running could have a negative impact on your economic damages award if it played a role in your slip and fall accident.

The court initially established the property owner’s responsibility in a slip and fall lawsuit in Atlanta. Then they try to figure out if you were similarly careless in the case. The amount of your liability for the incident will be calculated and subtracted from the damages if the court considers you partially at fault for your injury.

Have you been injured due to a slip and fall accident?

If you or your loved ones have sustained any injuries caused by slip and fall accidents, you may be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer today and make sure your legal rights are protected.

Is Legal Counsel Required to Resolve your Case?

You could be considering hiring an attorney to help you if it appears that your case will not end up in court. Before you take on your case on your own, you should be aware that insurance companies frequently make every effort to reduce the compensation they provide to harmed individuals. They are free to settle your lawsuit for less than it is actually worth because there is no requirement in the law that they do so. For these reasons, it is strongly advised that you hire a lawyer to defend you following a slip-and-fall accident.

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